Patterns for Life

My favorite restaurant growing up was Pizza Hut. Looking back to those days when reading 10 books got you a personal pan pizza, I was there at least twice a month. Anyway, knowing who I am now, I probably loved that place because of two things:

the Tiffany style lamps over every booth (okay, the ones I went to didn't have the names all over them)


the gingham tablecloths on every table

I mention these with particular interest in the latter.

As a person who's wardrobe consists of solid dresses, pants, and shirts in different colors, there are 3 patterns I do own.

Leopard (and I have that dress in pink)
(thanks Xpress for expanding my wardrobe)

The one fabric I love the most and for some weird reason do not own, is gingham. It is so refreshing and springy. So fun and easy. In the QG I got yesterday, there was a spread in homage to the pattern of my youth. Paired with a solid tie, gingham is the way to go for spring. And since we're on the subject of patterns for seasons, gon head and get your lumberjack plaid this winter. Thank me later.