Please Don't Look Like A Whore On Your Wedding Day

As Stace knows, I'm a huge fan of "Whose Wedding is it Anyway." It's a show about wedding planners. I like it better than "A Wedding Story" or "Bridezilla" or any of those other shows. Partially because I'm convinced this show was created so that I did not try to plan my own wedding. I do not have the patience. Yes, I have high standards, but the marriage is more important than the wedding. I do not want to spend $50,000 on my wedding and it only lasts for a 30 minute ceremony and a 3 hour reception (no, we are not staying longer. you're lucky I'll be there that long).

No, I am not planning on getting married anytime soon, I'm just more girly than I like to let on sometimes. Anyway. THE POINT! When you get married, there is to be some sort of air of ladylike behavior if you can't manage to pull of purity. So when you wear a dress that is cut down to here and up to there and slit and slashed and tied and pulled and de-strapped and unstrapped and on and on... YOU ARE RUINING THE POINT!! Look. Here's the deal. You can look like a scuz bucket anytime. Can't you chose this one day to not wear the most low cut dress you can find?


Record Dish Management (or at least me anyway)


Premium Crab Cakes

We hosted happy hour this past Friday, so my contribution was crab cakes. FYI, Lump crab meat is not cheap, so be selective of who you want to use this recipe on. Whoever it is better love the hell out of some crab. Proceed…………..

Premium Crab Cakes

1 lbs. Lump Crab Meat
½ lb. Crab Meat
¼ c chopped parsley
¾ c Ritz Crackers crushed
½ c Mayo
¾ tsp. Dijon Mustard
¾ tsp. Old Bay Seasoning
¾ tsp. Worcestershire Sauce
¾ tsp. Lemon Juice
1 egg

Combine mayo, mustard, old bay, Worcestershire, lemon juice and egg, and whisk together until well incorporate. In a separate bowl (metal or glass bowl) lightly combine crab meats, parsley, and parsley. Pour wet ingredients over crab mixture and lightly combine. Form into cakes, in any desired size. Since this was an appetizer, I used a little melon baller to scoop out. But I think this recipe can yield 6- 5oz crab cakes. To cook, you can bake, broil or fry. I pan fried mine in melted butter, until both sides were brown.

This recipe was bangin especially if you like crab cakes that are more crab than cake. I hate the ones with a lot of bread. I would also suggest serving with some kind of sauce. Mango salsa or something.

I had some leftover from happy hour, so I put them in the freezer and they’ll be making their debut again at the Thanksgiving Happy Hour tomorrow. I may add a little variation this time. I’ll let ya’ll know how it turns out.



Daddy Daughter night last night sent us to what many publications call the best European restaurant in Pittsburgh, Mallorca, "offering fine Spanish continental cuisine." The atmosphere was really nice.

I had a glass of sangria, D had Chiraz. These salads w/watercress and assorted greens preceeded our meals. No thanks. I'm not really a fan of side salads. For an appetizer, we had Champignones Rellenos, the stuffed mushrooms.

The list of specials was out of control. It was as long as the regular menu. Can I get a sheet of paper to look at? Because you just rattling off 15 items in a row isn't really working for me. I considered the duck w/an orange sauce, but got the ternera marsala, which is veal marsala with mushrooms. Dad had steak Delmonico. Why was it a 24 oz. steak with gorgonzola on top? HUGE. The biggest steak I'd ever seen. Too much meat. I don't like steak but I was eyeing that one just for a bite.

We also got an after dinner liqueur, complimentary with the meal. It was muy yumm-o. See? I even learned some Spanish there. I liked the food well enough, but I'm not the biggest fan of what i consider over-priced food. I don't think you need to spend $100 on a meal for it to taste good.

Best By Far

He is the "author of nu-classical British soul". Compared to the States' D'Angelo, this guy is awesome. I have the pleasure of having a homie who made a mixtape for me about two months ago. he put TWO of this guy's songs on there and I was enthralled. Not knowing who the person was, I asked if the track was some underground D and thus, Ed introduced me to Omar.

Right now, i'm listening to his 6th album, the Best By Far. Released in 2000 (a great year might I add), this joint is in HEAVY rotation!!! Going for an actual theme (movie soundtrack), the CD is cohesive and full of life. Now when I say 'movie soundtrack' that's exactly what i mean. One track sounds like a Rat Pack track from the 60s in Miami; very 'deco' and another sounds like a blaxploitation funky 70s track with Stuart Zender killing, KILLING the bass and cush! here are the songs and some brief liner notes

SIDEBAR: I am in love with S. Zender. he was the bassist on some early Jamiroquai LPs and when i read the liner notes of Best By Far, I bout died and went to heaven.

1. I Guess- trombone, trumpet, sax, rhodes, guitar, cush, keys, vocals, bass, violin and viola. this is just the instrumentation. the mixing, arranging, and engineering is great

2. Something Real- my FAVORITE track on this album, this is the blaxplo sounding one; real funky with bass, cush, keys, producing and programming done by my British Boo Stu. Mix engineer, Bob Power; a GREAT who's done maaahvelous things with ATCQ to name just one act.

3. Essensual- the 1960's deco sound, sounds like a sexy lounge act in Vegas but definately not cheesy. we have a flute and a trumpet on this track that sell that joint! its sampled from music from an actual motion picture (Built , 1968)

4. Be Thankful- you may have heard or seen this song on t.v. (VH1, VH1 Soul) the version i heard has E. Badu on it but on the LP, its Angie Stone (who he LOVES). you know the lyrics

Though you may not drive
a great big Cadillac
gangster white walls
tv antenna in the back

5. Best By Far- an instrumental with the title as the hook. more bob power power. good blasting music on a day home by yourself

6. To the Top- a love song with just as much instrumentation PLUS a cello. *lol*

7. & 8. Goodness & Prologue- more good music, drawing a blank on the sound right now cause honestly, i can't get the 2nd and 3rd tracks out my head!

9. Tell Me- another romantic song with splendiferous harmonies and fantabulous instrumentation

10. Syleste- another one of my favorites, this was the other song put on my mixtape. it really sounds like the theme track for a Bond movie! Burt Bacharach has something to do with it (omar sampled 'say a little prayer by burt for this). If you know Burt, you know that man is a GENIUS!

11., 12., 13. Come On, Emporium, & In the Morning- i honestly haven't gotten to b/c like i said, i'm so in love with the first half of the CD that i want to wear it out and have somthing to listen to next month! But, there's more!

14. Syleste (Lizzard Lounge Mix)- get it lounge music!! love it!!

15. Be Thankful (Solar Energy Remix)- done by Guru and still feat Angie Stone. Bomb ass remix

So while you're sitting here waiting for D'Angelo to
1. lose weight and be sexy again
2. make a new album
3. go on tour with questlove again

check out Omar. Shooot, even if you're not waiting check him out. I will be back with his most recent release, Sing (if you want it) . I got that from the homie too =)



I know there are some bloggers out there not so excited for Thanksgiving this year. I don't really have an opinion about it. Thanksgiving is not my most favorite holiday, meaning I could care less about eating all day long just cuz. I don't like turkey, I really hate for my food to touch, and I don't like having that many choices all at one time. But besides that, I like the meaning of Thanksgiving. I like being around my family and extended family, sharing in the spirit of thanks and giving, and I'm thankful for everything around me.

I want to know what some of your favorite Thanksgiving foods, traditions, and/or memories are, and what are you making this year.

Here are a few of mine:

I'm making my fried chicken.

I hate real turkey, I prefer a stand alone smoked turkey breast.
I love canned cranberry sauce, its soo jiggly, I don't like the one with real berries in it.
I don't like collard greens; I'd rather eat Kale Soup.
Not a huge fan of stuffing/dressing.
I like macaroni and cheese, if its made right.
Don't really sweet potato pie, but I like sweet potatoes.
Love pound cake and gingerbread cookies.

I have a very small family, but a huge extended family. My parents are very warm, and always open their home to anyone who may not be able to travel to their family for the holidays. Thats why my extended family is so big, and it grows every year, because the people that once couldn't go see their family for the holidays have now brought their family along to celebrate with us.


Kingdom Come

a question a blogger asked me

did you get that Kingdom Come yet? I got it.

my reply

i don't like Jay Z. i respect him as an artist SOMETIMES but really, he is not my cup of tea. first of all, he's big re-invented. before he was killed, biggie had plans for a black album. no promotion, nothing. just spitting on tracks and putting it out. of course nobody really knows that but lookie who has a black album... nas called it and i believe it.

i took it personally that he said he retired and therefore sold out of EVERYTHING b/c people thought he was really done when he really wasn't. to me, that's fraud! you know people get arrested for selling plywood at outrageous prices during hurricane season? what's the difference? if people think they are never going to hear from someone again, of course they'd cop what they can! on a lenny kravitz track, he was talking bout, "I'm not rapping, i'm just thinking out loud" boooooo. i don't want to hear your thoughts.

then his combined donation to katrina relief of $1 million dollars with puff.... the both of them could've done MUCH more than that. how much does 40/40 and rocawear bring in???

then as prez of def jam, he did nothing for the roots; all his efforts (i believe) went to his 'out of retirement' release. pass. you signed the roots for attention. okay, okay, "[you're] not a businessman; [you're] a business, man"... and did nothing for your act? i'm so good on you.

i can't support a person like him.

here's what my bestest has to say abt Jigga

new jay z is a rehash of EVERYTHING he's ever done, i'm tired of his bullshit and fake ass president of def jam, where he has done nothing except sign the roots and not promote their album, too busy planning his coming out of retirement party...i used to be a jigga fan, and still respect his talent as an mc, but shouldn't someone who CAN afford to reinvent themselves, do that, ESPECIALLY after a fake ass retirement?...then he goes to Africa and charges 200 dollars for gen admission and 800-1000 for VIP??? WHAT??...shouldn't he be doin these concerts for FREE? and then

my sentiments exactly.

Bailey's Chocolatini

Stace this is for you. I would never order this, I don't really like chocolate like that, unless its a man, so when I saw this at, I thought of you.

Ba.ileys Choc.olatini

Step 1: Drop several ice cubes into a shaker.
Step 2: Pour over 50ml of Ba.ileys, 10ml of Smi.rnoff No.21 Vo.dka and 15ml of Chocolate Liqueur.
Step 3: Shake together.
Step 4: Strain drink into a chilled Martini glass. Each serving contains 12.7 grams of alcohol.

Tips:Garnish your Martini with chocolate shavings or chocolate flake.If you don’t have chocolate then try a sprinkling of cocoa powder or hot chocolate powder.

I think you should put chocolate syrup in there, like all around the glass.


The Evolution of Robin Thicke

l is I know I'm late, but I was rebelling until the bloggers finally broke me down. I'm tired of you guys changing my mind all the time. Hmph! And the bf was kind of pissy that I took you guys' word even though he's been trying to convince me to give Robin Thicke a chance for a long time.

1) "Got 2 Be Down" f/Faith Evans. Their voices meld together well. Nice sexy beat makes you want to samba.

2) "Complicated" ehhhh... a little to pop-y for me. Sounds very All4One, Backstreet Boys-ish to me. Obviously a no for me.

3) "Would that Make U Love Me" another nice moderately slow beat that makes you want to do something sexy. Push your body up against someone else's and show out. A song of yearning "if i wasn't who i was/if i wasn't me/would u stand next to me in the street/if i changed my hair/would u then be proud." Its the song everyone has thought if not said aloud.

4) "Lost Without U" Mellow. Makes you think of walking on the beach hand in hand with someone you love. I know that's corny but that's what you can imagine as the video. A spanish dance would go well with this... maybe a slow salsa. There's a mandolin sound in the background. "baby you're the perfect shpae/baby you're the perfect weight/treat me like my birthday/i want it this way/i want it that way/i want it/tell me you don't want me to stop." Ohhh buddy! It's on!! Love this song.

5) "Ask Myself" nice but doesn't really stand out.

6) "All Night Long" f/Lil' Wayne. I must admit I was inclined to like this song just b/c of Weezy. I like his swagger. But the song jumps out of the speakers anyway. It's the sweetly hood love song.

7) "Everything I Can't Have" Cuban big band music is the first thing that comes to mind. I like this too. Mostly the words, but the begging, too. *wink*

8) "Teach You a Lesson" "u were late 2 school/i'm gonna have 2 see u after class/u've been a bad girl/someone's gonna have to teach u a lesson/u've been a baad girl/someone's gonna have to straighten u right out." I'm just gonna have to say it. It's not so much the words, but more they way it's said. There's really no other accurate term for this song than panty dropper. Ahem... moving on...

9) "I Need Love" I've heard this song before. It was called "Crazy Love." Not that great but not horrible.

10) "I Wanna Love You Girl" f/Pharrell. Wasn't this released? Don't really like it. Not that impressed w/Pharrell anymore.

11) "Can U Believe" sweet, ballad-y, with a gospel feel. I like it despite the Justin Timberlake-ish singing on this one.

12) "Shooter" f/Lil' Wayne. One of my fave songs on the cd. I know I'd heard it before b/c it was on one of Lil Wayne's cds and I loved it then, but the electric guitar in the background, and reggae-inspired beat is fi-yah!!!

13) "Cocaine" another mover. Not sure what he's talking about in this song because he's moaning in my ear and I can't concentrate plus I'm too busy moving. And for some reason, other than "Shooter," this is the only song the lyrics aren't included. I have to think cocaine is a metaphor for love. Some Maxwell-esque background vocals I enjoy.

14) "2 the Sky" Love this song. He lets his voice shine w/o the whiny boy band feel. This song is beautiful.

15) "Lonely World" the whispery sound is back but this is a song about longing and being who you are, fulfiling your dreams.

16) "Angels" wedding song. "you're the only one who knows what i go through/ sometimes u feel it more than me/and i don't know how i ever got by without u/there's nothing like the truth/when you've got nothing left to lose/and every night i thank the universe that i found u." You betta sang Robin Thicke! Lol.

Overall, I like the songs he gets gritty with it. His voice becomes unique when he plays on that. The soft thing has been done and will be done. Heard of Frankie J? Ew. Yeah... don't go that route. Thicke wrote or co-wrote every song except the Pharrell song. That is hot. I also love that I can dance and workout to so many of these songs. I'ma be in the gym gettin it! Hahahaha. When I heard this, I said, he had to have a million black influences. In the liner notes, he thanked for inspiration, Mariah Carey, Mary J, Busta Rhymes, Diddy, Jay-Z (LMAO at those 3) and several others but it was like AH-HA!

But his muse... is his wife, Paula Patton. You know her as the lead Sally B. Shelly in "Idlewild." She also posed for the cover art on his first cd. When I heard this cd, I knew he liked Black women. I could just feel it... and there's the line about "your brown skin." Mmm... hmm... get it Robin!


3 Blind Moose- Wine Review

I am not a huge wine drinker, and as of lately I'm not a huge drinker period. I'm sure some of you are shocked by that statement, being that I was the resident bartender in college. I was official, license and all. Now I stay pretty basic with my vodka tonic with a splash of lime. Moving on. So as I told you already, I made a chicken saltimbocca with a pasta and scampi sauce. My scampi calls for white wine. I usually don't ever have to make a purchase since my father usually has a stash somewhere. Negative. So I ran to the liquor store on my lunch break. This place had hella wine. How do you know what to look for when your buying wine??? Initially I was thinking, go for the cheap stuff since I don't drink it. But all the great cooks say, only use a good quality wine that you would drink. Blah blah blah. I went for the wine with the cute label and the funny name. There was so many to choose from, but I went with 3 Blind Moose, 2004 California Chardonnay. Well that shit was bangin, and it was only $8.47. Daddy loved it too. That may be my wine of choice now. Next time I'll try the Pinot Grigio.

Bruschetta Tilapia, Yellow Rice and Steamed Broccoli

Healthy, Delicious and Nutritious!

I'm working on getting fly and being healthy... but I love eating out. Plus, its hard for me not to eat out because I work such crazy hours and am usually starving when I leave work. Also once I get home, I get lazy if I don't go immediately to the kitchen. If I sit down to turn on the tv, or read a book, or check blogger and emails and myspace... see? I'll never eat.

Thursdays I go to dinner with my dad. Last Thursday we went to TGI Friday's. When you think of them, you think Jack Daniel's chicken and ribs and shrimp right? I know I do. I decided to try something different, though. Especially since I'd just joined the gym earlier that day. What's the point of working out if you're going to drown that work in a high fat, high calorie diet? None!

So I tried the bruschetta tilapia (flaky, white fish with diced plum tomatoes on top, basil, drizzled with olive oil), steamed broccoli and yellow rice. It was so yummy! And I had so much I ate it for the next two days. Still good two days later. Go Friday's!

Chicken Saltimbocca with Farfalle and Scampi Sauce **Revised**

Hey ya'll, I know I know, it's been a minute, but I'm back in the kitchen and on the blog. Things have been crazy, but last night I didn't have gymnastics so I was able to burn in the kitchen. I was so proud of myself too. I usually take forever to make a complete meal, but last night I set a time limit. No longer than 1 hour. Mission Accomplished. My family gets on me because one of Rachel's 30 minute meals always takes me at least and hour and a half. HELLO, she doesn't have to prep her food, so of course it will take 30 minutes. Anyway let's get on to the recipe. As usual I looked up about 5 different recipes, and made up my own. FYI- saltimbocca is Italian for "jumps in the mouth."

Chicken Saltimbocca

Thin sliced chicken
Shredded Cheese- Italian Blend
Flour- seasoned: garlic powder, salt, pepper, italian seasoning
EVOO ala Rachel Ray
sage (couldn't find any at three stores, so I didn't use it.)

Preheat oven to 350.

You can prepare the chicken one of two ways.

Option 1
Salt and pepper the chicken-optional. Dredge with seasoned flour, shake off excess flour. Melt butter and evoo and some garlic in a large skillet on medium heat. Place floured chicken in pan, and cook until golden brown on both sides. Remove from pan, and place in a casserole dish. ** If you have sage, place on top of chicken now. Sprinkle each piece of chicken with cheese, and a slice of prosciutto to cover both the cheese and the chicken. Put in oven for about 7 minutes.

Option 2
Or you could salt and pepper the chicken, lay flat and sprinkle with cheese, and then cover the cheese with the prosciutto. Roll up chicken and secure with a toothpick. Dredge in seasoned flour. Place in pan with melted butter and olive oil, cook until all sides are completely brown and chicken is cooked all the way through.

Serve with Pasta. I had farfalle (bowties) pasta last night with my scampi sauce.

White Wine- I used "3 Blind Moose" Chardonnay. Pretty bangin. I'll get to that later.
Onion- chopped
Italian seasoning
Vegetable options- frozen or fresh broccoli (blanched) or spinach (sans the ecoli)

Using the same skillet with the chicken drippings, add more butter and evoo to sauté onion and garlic, until translucent. I also added bits of prosciutto. Add broth and wine and italian seasonings, salt and pepper, bring to a simmer. Add veggie and stir, then add cooked pasta, making sure all pasta is covered in sauce. If you like your sauce a little thicker add some Wondra or more butter.



Stir-Fried Beef and Snow Peas


1 lb beef sliced thinly
2 tbsp soy sauce
5 tbsp hoisin sauce
2 tbsp dry sherry
veggie oil
1 onion sliced thinly
1 tsp chopped garlic
1 tsp chopped ginger
1 carrot sliced thinly
1 lb snow peas
8oz can bamboo shoots/bean sprouts, drained

Put the strips of beef in a bowl, add soy and hoisin sauce, dry sherry and stir together. let marinate while you are cooking the vegetables.

I personally added fresh chopped ginger, garlic, salt and pepper to the beef and let it sit for 5 min then addedd the liquid 'gredients and all this was done THE NIGHT BEFORE.

add oil to large non-stick wok. add onion, garlic, ginger, carrot, and snow peas and stir fry for 5 min or until softened.

add beef and marinade to wok and stir-fry for 2-3 min or until tender. add bamboo shoots and stir fry for another minute.

2-3 minutes??? i like my meat well done so it was longer than 3 minutes.

transfer to warm serving dish and serve with cooker rice or noodles.

I bought some chow mein noodles to add a final and authentic touch and ate it with white rice. some wasabi sauce would have set this off as well. happy eating!


Enough with the Sweaters Already

I LOVE SWEATERS!! But this must be said. I had to pull this out the Mindspace archives from back when it was All Me, All the Time. This reflects my feelings at that time and does not necessarily apply now though still not toooooo far off. Enjoy.

Its that time of year again. For me its the time of holiday cheer and God-awful ugly sweaters. And you know what I mean. Those sweaters that you see and cringe and wonder if their blind grandma gave it to them. The one even God thinks is awful. And he made the person that made it. Come on people.

Oh yeah, did I neglect to mention that Pittsburgh is the bad fashion capital of the world? I think I forgot to mention that. Yes, Pittsburgh has more fashion don'ts per capita than any other city in the world. Its true. At least I'm convinced that its true. There's the Fashion Institute of Pittsburgh and various other places where people can take classes to learn fashion. It ain't workin. Use your resources people.

Big girls. Now you know I got love for my big girls b/c my mom's a big girl. But I will never stop saying this. When you wear clothes that do not fit, it makes you look bigger. Stop doing it. No one looks good in ill-fitting clothes. Just because you're not a size six doesn't mean you can't be presentable. Please understand that wearing a muu muu or a colored oversized sack cloth makes you look BIGGER. But I digress.

Back to the topic at hand. The sweaters. I was in Panera Bread for no more than 12 minutes today and I saw them EVERYWHERE! I turned in one of those horror movie circles where you can't believe your eyes and whatever you're scared of is suddenly all around you. Or you're in a field and you can't see anyone. You don't know what to do. You scream. AAAAHHH!!

You know the sweaters that I'm talkin about. Those sweaters with no less than 4 colors. Usually in a horizontal pattern. And or with balls and 3-D swirls. I don't want your sweater to reach out and touch me. Or stab me in the eye. That is NOT cool. It hurts. Like a lot. I don't like things in my eye. The monstrosities that they call "fashion sweaters" at those horrid stores where you buy them. The stores that should be called "Hi, I'm a mom and I just don't care anymore."

There are actual current options to purchase. that. are. HIDEOUS!! NONSENSE! Don't believe me? Go here. SWEATER VOMIT!! It takes you just as long to look like trash as it does to look presentable. I know because everytime I try not to care, it takes me longer to think... "Is this too ugly for work?" "Does it show too obviously that today I just don't care?" "Am I ruining my rep as 'one of the best dressed people in the building?'" I didn't say that, by the way. It was said to me. So there.

Plus you want to be seen as management material don't you? Maybe not. I keep forgetting that everyone doesn't want to be at the top. Which makes sense. Because then who would do the work? But anyway. For real, you're driving me crazy looking like you just rolled out of bed five minutes ago and didn't even brush your teeth. Please stop.

Rock with Me

So as we may or may not know, I have a slight obsession with guitar players... especially bass players. Bump that, I have a thing for ALL male muscians! I like to think of myself as a Medici and I plan on being a patron of the arts or at least a muse.

Wait, let me clarify, if you can play an instrument, you get my attention. Don't necessarily want any singers around here. Now singers who play an instrument? Cool. I digress.

So musical inclination is the reason why I tend to like music that's not considered status quo. Like your typical RnB. A producer and a crooner. No musical talent, just a guy on MAYBE a Korg Triton and buddy or chick comes in and lays some vocals down. Then there's Dwele, the Roots, and everyone from 1979 on back who play/ed every single instrument you hear on the track. Of course special interest goes out to today's Prince, Lenny Kravitz, and Martin Luther cause they play the gee-tar.

Now that I've laid the backdrop for yearning for musicianship and not getting it from my typical radio stations, where do I go? From the poppy Maroon 5 on up to the acid jazz, funk infused Jamiroquai, I hear dudes playing their axes and that leads me to the latest CD I bought.

Stadium Arcadium. The Red Hot Chil Peppers (RHCP) are back this year with this double disc 28 track album. I heard it in a sandwich shop two weeks ago and asked the owner, "Is this RHCP?" He said yeah, its their latest and its funky. Indeed it is. I've always like RHCP. Anthony Kiedis' hair has always been a fave of mine (not in this pic) since my Seventeen reading days (I can't believe I used to read that magazine). A couple of months ago, I renewed my interest in Flea when I saw him and Bootsy Collins on the cover of Bass Player magazine. The guys who brought us Give it Away and the remake of the Ohio Players Love Rollercoaster are back with their 9th LP. Check it out below.

So the first CD is Jupiter.
Dani California is a rock tune with a country twang. When the chorus comes on, I see where Creed gets their sound from. RHCP are getting to be old school. They are eligible for the Rock Hall of Fame now.

Snow (Hey Oh) has a little more singing and the bass line is more evident.
I like bass.
It also has more instrumentation with flutes. Like that as well.

Charlie, love it. Its fun! Again, Flea makes me want to do somethings! I feel sexy when this song comes on. John and Flea are getting it!!

Stadium Arcadium is back to the mellow sound. I love the harmony and the background vocals.

Hump de Bump is back to the fun and funk I love RHCP for! The trumpets during the bridge and the bass line during the chorus...then the 'cuss (prounounced 'cush') section goes off with anything that can be struck. I hear a cowbell, spoons and a triangle. Get it Chad!

** doesn't he look like will ferell? or Will playing Dubya?***

She's Only 18 reminds me of something Michael Jackson would sing in his Bad days. Dirty Diana as a matter of fact. Kinda gritty to me.

Slow Cheetah, not a fan of the lone guitar line and vocals. Sounds hollow.

Torture Me, GREAT song to blast when you're rocking out on a Saturday morning! Bass line is solid and bomb; background vocals; trumpets pierce through the furious guitar playing; and the pace varies. Its like a roller coaster, build you up and brings you down to a slow pace only to rise again. Great flow

Strip My Mind reminds me of something Jim Morrison would sing.

***Did you know the Doors didn't have a bass player?***

Especially in Michigan, I don't like. Bass line sounds like something I heard already.

Warlocks seems like a slower Torture Me. Definitely funkier. I like it, I like it a lot.

C'mon Girl has the Teenage Wasteland guitar effect going. Ride with your windows down to this, well at least during the chorus. I like this one too.

Wet Sand is another mellow song. I actually like the lyrics to this one.

I thought the last track (Hey) was Snow but it's not. My ears aren't trained for rock and to some point, it all sounds the same to me. I do think its a bomb way to end CD 1. I will be back with disc 2, Mars. Till then, expand your horizons! Get some funky rock in your life!