So T.ank had a song... drawing a blank on the title right now... whatever the case, the remix consists of the latest (only?) r&b supergroup. Introducing to all, TG.T bka Tyr.ese, Ginu.wine, & Tan.k.

I'm sorry, did someone send a bat-signal saying we need a group of... super... singers?? Not one of the aformentioned men, I'd consider a "super" singer. They each did alright on their own, in their own time. I'll give Ginuwine's hey day the late 90's. I'm remembering singing "My Po.ny" at the lunch table my freshman year in HIGH SCHOOL! Not quite the musical of today but I digress.

Tyre.se, I can't tell if he's a better actor or singer. He's not all that at either. We'll go with... damn. I can't tell. I do like Tyre.se the most out of this latest compadres. Shouldn't the name of the group be BTGT? I thought he was Bla.ck Ty?

Tan.k, the best singer, the least famous. he conjures up thoughts of the movie 'Almost Fam.ous' cause that's what he is. Okay, okay... freshman year at the Illustrious Ham.pton University... no sophomore year when he was talking about "Take of your clothes, close the door" and yelling other commands for us ladies to do should we be in the same room as him. Yeah...

When was the last time we had a "supergroup"? Ooooh, LS.G!!!! Now them?? I could fux with!!! Ger.ald LeVert (R.I.P), Keith Sw.eat (who I have a love/hate relationship with) and John.ny Gill! Them dudes can/could SANG!! Remember 'My Body'?? How old was I when that came out?? They could come out RIGHT NOW and I'd be excited. Each of them DEF held their own and when they got together it was actually good. and this is coming from a girl who's not too big on r&b dudes. OMG, speaking of headaches, remember when the "Best Man" came out and there was that HORRENDOUS song with RL, Tyrese, and bout 6 other guys?? I wrote about it bout a year and a half ago... no thanks.

the point of this blog is to let you know that people don't form groups anymore. New Edition, Backstreet Boys, Pretty Ricky and the like are all gone with the wind.

P.S. the internet has the best commercial free music!! I'm listening to project vibe which I told y'all about and this awesome 80s station!!


Food Budget

It's no secret I love food. Who doesn't?!!? I actually read this insane article somewhere (I was so appalled I blocked out where I read this; plus I read a bit too much to remember the source of every bad quote, or even every good one.) that said there is a gym that only does strength training and doesn't believe in cardio. Fine. The reasoning for one person, "I believe cardio makes you hungry." (I feel like this was in the ATL JournalConstitution).


We're people... it's natural to get hungry. AND IT'S OKAY!!

Regardless, every once in a while I realize (again) the ridiculous amount of money I spend eating out and decide to bring it to a halt. This week, I said I wouldn't spend any money on food outside the house. I eat sooo much fast food and vending machine food and restaurant food that this exercise was SO HARD!! I ate breakfast at Panera Bread (delish artichoke and spinach souffle and water) on Sunday, and that was the last bit of eating out I did. Tonight I will break out the Tyler's Ultimate cookbook I've never used and go to work! Hopefully I'll have something good to report!

The Real Egg Muffin

When I was in Florida, I had a homemade egg, swiss and veggie sausage on an english muffin. DELISH!! So yummy that when I saw english muffins in the store yesterday, I said to myself, I already have eggs and sweet italian sausage, I'll buy some pepper jack cheese and go to work. I made it this morning and let me tell you, LOVE!! Well worth the 20 minute effort, despite the fact I don't like to spend more than 10 minutes on breakfast. I may make it again tomorrow.


"I want you to hurry up now cuz I can't wait much longer"



I'm like fiendin for this Kanye West album. I've enjoyed all the releases thus far. I've heard its bangin from the people who've gotten sneak previews. I heard several of the songs in the club in Miami and EVERYONE gets crunk when it's on! LET'S GET IT!! Just three more days. I know it will be no contest to put 50 out of commission... unfortunately he will stay around. BOOOOOOO!! But I'm buying Kanye's album on the first day anyway.


Fruit & Yogurt Parfait

After my homie Wynel made it for me for breakfast, I decided to use it to impress my coworkers for yet another pot luck. I used cranberry pecan granola, vanilla yogurt, raspberries and blueberries. I don't like blueberries and am not the biggest fan of raspberries. I also do not like nuts in my food. So I didn't like it too much, but I hear it was divine. So! You should give it a try. Just layer each ingredient to make it gorgeous and serve in clear glasses. I used small plastic cups but martini glasses are better for smaller, more intimate settings.

Par example: voila.