What I've Peeped

big watches for chicks are in. Like, men-sized faces on a female-sized wrist. gone are the days of dainty and feminine watches. here are the days of a big man face watch that has feminine attributes like pink mother of pearl dial or tiny pearls as hour markers. i so want and big watch and PLEASE...

not the gaudy and big ass jacob the jeweler watch. those are distastefully too big for ANYBODY'S wrist.


steve madden is making dresses.

who is excited? I AM!!!! I LOVE Steve Madden!!! All his shoes that i own are my favorites! and i have a LOT!! Dreezy, who doesn't "know ANYTHING about girl shoes" noticed my black and white boucle d'orsay peep-toe pumps (daaaaam! that was a lot of description for ONE pair of shoes!). he said, "those shoes look good. i never notice girl shoes cause they all look the same..."

GASP!!! they all look the same!??!?!

"...those must be your boy. you'd leave me for Steve Madden wouldn't you?"

"in a heartbeat! hold my steve madden purse while i try on these icy flip flops. thanks boo, i love u"



Music Makes Me HIGH!!

So I was frequenting my FAVORITE DJ's site (www.djjamad.com) and decided to go to his myspace page to hear what's been up. I got an AUTOGRAPHED mixtape of his last cut, Afromentals 24: Identity for my b-day and I'm STILL rocking that joint! Yo, if you haven't peeped DJ Jamad, out of the ATL Shawty, you have no idea what you're missing!

So I'm on his page when I scrolled down to see who he has as friends. i literally say, "oh my gosh, who is this FINE specimen of a man?? DJ Rasta Root?? He needs to be my friend. I just want his face to be on my page." So i requested him as a friend and then I chill for a min to listen to his tracks.


Plain and simple. Okay, maybe not fire but defintely right up my alley which may not constiture FIRE to some but to me, its FIRE. He has the old school loops that Jamad won me over by but he's more like ATCQ. He has people flowing over the tracks where Jamad mixes old school with new school. So Rasta has former member of Slum Village, Baatin on a couple of tracks, these chicks named Slick and Rose (I think... out of the A) with Phife Dawg (my FAVE old school MC) of A Tribe Called Quest fame and some other things I'm not familar with but will DEFINATELY get to know in the near future. and I got an iPod shuffle??? its bout to be on!!

Amy Winehouse. I mentioned her in a previous post and I'll mention her again cause her US album came out yesterday for $7.99 at Best Buy. Try improting that ish from UK and be prepared to drop $30 ITS BOMB! SHE'S BOMB! Lauryn meets Motown in it's heyday, that's so the sound!! Check her out on myspace as well!


Paula Deen for Arby's

My dad is forever bringing home this chicken salad sandwich from Arby's. The ingredient list if you will: grilled chicken, apples, grapes, celery, pecans and smothered in mayo. I mean smothered. Do you see that picture? VOMIT!!! That looks like something Paula Deen would make. You know everything is smothered in mayo or butter. Sometimes both. Or a whole lot of ingredients that don't go together. Vomit.



I'd never had one until about 6 months ago. Now it seems everytime I go out I have to have one somewhere in my dish!! I love these things!! GIMME MORE!! WOW! Too deelish. Mmmmm mmmmm!! Thank God for being a foodie. How else would I know about these culinary delights?

Today's artichoke wonder? Turkey artichoke panini on basil pesto foccacia from Panera Bread. It took all the self control of my LIFE not to eat the whole thing instead of saving half for lunch tomorrow AND buy another. Wow.

YIKES! I just read the "nutrition" info. 107% of my daily sodium, 38 grams of fat, 840 calories!! DAMN!! Good thing I hate half of it and went to the gym! Good gracious! That is oooookay. I still love me some sandwiches.


less is more

i'm sick again. sudafed PE, zicam dissolving tabs, advil cold and sinus, vicks sinex... what else can i take? is less really more when you have a cold? and they say as a teacher, i'm going to have a 9 month cold that lasts about 30 years. at least mommy buys the good tissues with lotion on them :-)

now onto the real post.

i went to bed at 7pm last night. i woke up at 11 and did nothing. dreezy called me to let me know that thicke was on letterman performing the song we love so much. robin thicke was singing 'lost without you' with a drummer, keys, bass and acoustic guitar. guys, it was soooooooooooooo beautiful!!!!! i love that song and love it even more seeing it live. he has the whispering/singing thing that has to grow on me but it was still presh. no dancers or singers, just his voice and minimalist instrumentation. now on leno, fergie was performing her latest. famous? luxurious? obnoxious? fabulous?

i know, its glamorous. how many songs are we going to have like that? must gwen (who's not been getting it for me lately) do everything and WGs follow?

whatever the case, she had hella musicians, singers, and dancers who doubled as assistants bring her props like cell phones, things to sign, hair brushes and a coat (like she's james brown) BUSY!! her set was busy as hell and with ALL THAT, it STILL didn't disguise the fact she CAN'T SING!!! I was disgusted with her performance and what honestly made me 'madder' was all the fluff. as the fashion world states time and time again,

less is more

i believe coco chanel said, "before you leave the house, take two things off"

how bout we take fergie off?