(Skip to 3:29 if you only want to hear the song, not watch the entire video short)

My dad brought home Chocolate Lovers Almonds double dipped in dark chocolate. My dad ate half the can in a day which is 1/2 your total fat for the day!! Yesterday I had 2. Ahhh. So good I am. (Mostly because I don't love chocolate like that, but still!) Today I had 4. Ooh. Bad girl. Lol.


Ceviche in, Sushi out

Let me start this with: I hope you're not pregnant. Consuming of raw fish during pregnancy is a no-no.

It's going to be a long nine months when my time comes.

Anyhoo, sushi has been around for THOUSANDS of years. I tried it my sophomore year in high school and wasn't impressed. A shoulder shrug + "eh, it's aight". In the past calendar year, I must have eaten enough sushi to match a japanese emperor. OMG, I HEART SUSHI! Any chance I get, I'm eating it.

The dish that can be raw or cooked, hot or cold, has made a phenomenal impact in the south florida community. Considering that the main cultures in S. Florida are of the Carribean descent, the only asian food we eat here is chinese. Enter the art of Hibachi. With hibachi restaurants entertaining families for the past 20 years in West Palm Beach and i'm sure all over south florida, the Japanese got their foot in the door to intoduce us to sushi. All the "it" people have been doing it for the past year; sashimi and sushi alike. Enter South AMERICA.

Ceviche is a traditional Peruvian dish in which fish is chemically cooked in citrus juices. The temperature of the fish and accompanying veggies (see: onions, bell peppers, hot peppers if you dare, cilantro) never reach 40 degrees. What fish is used? Whatever you like. Yesterday, I had shrimp ceviche that had lime juice, small red and orange bell peppers, onions, cilantro, and bean sprouts in it. DEE-LISH-US. The first time, it was conch cooked in lemon juice; ice cold and scrum-diddley-umshus.

Next time you're in the mood for raw fish, pass on the sushi and ask for the ceviche :-)


Project Runway Recap: Episode 2

(Is this really season 4? Time flies in fashion fun!! All notes taken during the show. Running recap!)

The challenge for this show is to create a two-piece outfit for SJP's new Bitten line at Steve & Barry's.

Did Chris March really just start crying over SJP??? LMAO!! And him sweating and unable to articulate really words of any kind is HILARITY!! Get it together!! And RICKY!! I cannot, I repeat, CANNOT watch you boo hooing this entire season. STOP!! And what's up with that see-thru mesh, gay man's club shirt hat you wear in the confessionals? It makes me vomit.

Of COURSE SJP (Sarah Jessica Parker... please tell me you already knew this.) chooses the cape. Of course she does. Sigh.

I hope the winning design is gorge because I would so love to own this stuff without having to bid online for designs for a European size 2 when I'm an American 2 or even 4, and at least 6 inches too short.

OOOH!! Ricky, Rami or Christian please! (picture me jumping up and down and clapping giddily right now like SJP in that witch movie when she's saying "Amok! Amok! Amok! So funny). I don't do leggings, but Rami dahling, yessss.

Please. Someone tell me, what is a fitted cape?!?! Never heard of such a thing.

Marion's leaving. I just feel it.

ELYSA!!! SPIT MARKER!! SPIT MARKER!?!? She marks clothing with spit. Everyone else uses I don't know, needles, pins, a strand of baby buffalo hair... you... use... SPIT!! You want to "IMBIBE" it with your energy. Look. I can get energy from lots of places. Redbull, Rockstar, Starbucks' crack-like coffee. I can't. BTW that usage of imbibe is considered archaic. Leave it there!! When you use it in that context it makes me think you were drunk when you thought it up. Enough Miss "Haiku of a cut"!

Sweet P. I kind of like her. She started a comment with "apparently working with Elysa, both being from different planets..." HILARITY!! Seriously. What IS the name of your planet, E? I can't believe I like her outfit. I just can't.

Stop it with the leggings!!

Nevermind. I am not at all a fan of Ricky's execution. I want more structure. And I can't stand that belt. Also not feeling Christian's. Ew. The design was ugly now that I have a closer look. Crap jacket and turtleneck dress I already have in black.

HEIDI ASKED ABOUT THE PLANET!!! LOVE IT!! Even better? E's response, "I'm coming to your planet, but with gifts." LOOOOVE. ITTTTTTTT!!

Rami's is ok. I don't like the color. I'm thinking more fitted.

Carmen. Why are you up here CRYING!?! So lame. I can't. I really can't abide by all the tears. Bia bia!! Partner challenge. The designer goes. That's how it works. You can't send someone home for someone else's design. Yeah right. Dry it up!

"Homeless Pocohantas" and "It was melting" for the same 'fit? (BTW LMAO!!) Outta there! Honey you don't have a chance.

Victorya wins. SJP didn't want to hurt feelings. Awww... honey. That's sweet but this is a competition. Somebody's gotta go. MARION! Auf wiedersehen! (duh)


Oh Feta

I thought I liked it. Turns out I only like it when it comes on a Greek dish. I tried to have a "hummus sandwich" as my line sister called it. Hummus, artichokes, and feta on a whole wheat pita. We would've been all good w/o the feta. I'm thinking maybe only on a greek salad but I'm not sure. The feta was really grossing me out on that sandwich. It's hard for me because I rarely meet a cheese I don't like. Cheese platters at weddings and catered events? I'm so there. Stackin up the pepper jack. Lovin it hard. Sigh. Oh feta.



My dad just walked in w/a fish sandwich on this fabulous crusty bread w/julienned lettuce, tomato and hot sauce-- bangin!! If you want a good fish sammich (yep, I said sammich), get one in a predominately Catholic town. You know, with their whole Lent fish thing. YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYYYY!! And apparently there's this place in the Strip District I still need to hit up. He also brought home... a case of Yuengling!! WOOOOOOOOO!! Now if I could just get a Panthers win... UGH!!!! 4-6?!?!


Accessorize Your Clothes!

I know you've seen them everywhere... they are the GINORMOUS faux diamonds that are on everything! I knew they were going to blow the fcuk up when jameil and I came across them in an InStyle two issues ago. I knew that it was going to be the look for the holidays when my mom pulled out her dress for the night wedding and the top of her bodice was adorned with them. I went shopping for a dress for the wedding and would've been remiss if I left this jewel (pun intended) of a dress behind.
(it looks 200% better off the hanger and on a body)

INC made gray look good.

i think gray its relatives are going to be what jewel tones were the past two years. Holiday event? Wear silver, slate, cadet, graphite, almost black, pewter, etc. want to make it pop? get the outfit in silk or satin whenever possible. Have those humongous stones along the neckline and a big cocktail ring, and you're done. Since the gray look connotes 'modern', make sure you have a skinny/sleek clutch; preferably in satin and is in the same family color-wise. The flap can have some goliath stones on it.

Now be careful with this trend. What I advise against are the mammoth stones in color. That looks tacky and contrived. now of course the clear ones aren't real diamonds or even CZ but please don't have what looks like an iced out fruit salad on your clothes.


Swim Time!!

I know this is odd. Especially considering the fact that it's snowing right now. Just flurries, but white stuff is falling from the sky.... but I'm so obsessed with swimsuits right now! I can't help it! Ever since I started really working out on the regular and bought my Victoria's Secret and Rosa Cha bikinis, I can't stop obsessing. I now love bathing suits!!! BIKINIS FOR ALL!! WHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEE!!


Hot & Cold

I just got done eating this salsa. For me, salsa isn't good unless my nose is running and my lips are tingling for a little while after. My sinuses aren't going? This isn't hot! My friends dragged me to Hooters homecoming weekend this year. They have like 6 levels of wing heat from mild to whatever. I think I only picked level 2. It may as well have been mild. So that told me if there are that many levels, the lowest 2 probably aren't hot enough.

My fellow record disher, Stace, is the complete opposite. My homie needs extra mild. EXTRA MILD!! What is that? Can you even consider that salsa? I loooove Mexican food and that means jalepenos and/or chipotles! YUMM!! I tried to find a post about how much I love Mexican food, but there are so many, just go to my main blog and read for days. Know this, I love Mexican food so much I think I should marry a Mexican, in Mexico on Cinco de Mayo and make his mother cook for the reception. Except you know how Latin cultures are. She'll love cooking. Yessss!!

Stace also likes lukewarm beverages. I like mine super cold. Like brain freeze cold. I can drink lukewarm water and that's about it. If you give me some ice cold water, a margarita and some good Mexican, we'll be allll good!!


Perfect Party PJs!!

I got this email from Vickie's Secret today about buying the "Perfect Party PJs!!" What. in. the. bloody. blue. hades??? No indeed. We don't do pajama parties as grown ups. Thanks for asking. And if we were so inclined, guess what, not dressing up for it! I'm not buying special pajamas for a bunch of girls. Thanks Vick! But no thanks. Hampton Alum t-shirt and shorts. Holla at a playa.

most wonderful time of the year

ladies and gents, the cold air is here and its not going anywhere. that doesn't mean your style should!

first and foremost, something i feeel is verrrrrry important: you can't be flashy and fly if you're ashy and dry. bomb shoes with a cracked heel? nice mani with hands that look like you're an old school teacher? (chalk reference). Stop whatever you're using and switch.

*i do realize if you're up north, you shouldn't be wearing shoes that show your heel. i'm really trying to step outside my paradigm*

your whole beauty regime should switch to something that's heavier in the moisturizing sect. Your body wash that was transparent turquoise? switch to the pearlescent or straight up opaque one. Same thing with shampoos. Clear = detergent. pearl or NOT see thru = moisture.

still using that light lotion that smells good? gon head and pack up the summer sh... Lubriderm just came out with intensive lotion that's not water based like their other ones. my pops swears by Lube and everything they come out with. he says they use it in the hospitals and it used to be prescription only. Another good line is Nivea. My GRANDFATHER used and still uses nivea products since the days Niv was in Europe.

now onto the clothes. the modern girls guide to life once said the easy way to look fashionable is with your accessories. It is waaaaaaay cheaper than clothes (sometimes) and versatile. Say you have two peacoats: navy for every day and peach for church. You know how many scarves/mitten combos you can do with those two coats? cute-sy up an ontherwise drab outfit with some colorful earmuffs and gloves to match. Imagine the whole dark look (dark peacoat, pants and boots) popping with dark pink gloves and scarf! Spring up your winter!



Did he just say "pair-a-dig-em?" I swear in this MTV commercial Common just pronounced the word paradigm like that. Oh honey. The last syllable is pronounced "dime." Like the currency.


the new manicure

i'm calling it. you know the cover girl nail polish that comes out for halloween? its black crackle and what you do is apply it as a top coat to whatever color you already have on. (it usually comes with orange) What happens as it dries is that is shrinks and the base color peeks thru; it actually looks something like a wall with ivy on it. seeing how dark nail polish is coming back for the fall, flip the script and put some crackle on it.

another thing to do with your nails is use black nail polish (or a very dark purple/maroon) and have the manicurist paint a small semi-circle at the base of your nail with white/cream. almost like a reverse french. i forgot what this particular manicure is called but its very dramatic and 17th century boo-szwah-zee (can't spell the real word).

oh yeah, NO-ONE can go wrong with red nail polish. I have my nails in classic high gloss red and my toes in candy-apple red. like the kind that's on chevys... it has a luster and sheen to it that I'm not wearing closed toe shoes for another month. rain or shine. FCUK HURRICANE NOEL!