the new manicure

i'm calling it. you know the cover girl nail polish that comes out for halloween? its black crackle and what you do is apply it as a top coat to whatever color you already have on. (it usually comes with orange) What happens as it dries is that is shrinks and the base color peeks thru; it actually looks something like a wall with ivy on it. seeing how dark nail polish is coming back for the fall, flip the script and put some crackle on it.

another thing to do with your nails is use black nail polish (or a very dark purple/maroon) and have the manicurist paint a small semi-circle at the base of your nail with white/cream. almost like a reverse french. i forgot what this particular manicure is called but its very dramatic and 17th century boo-szwah-zee (can't spell the real word).

oh yeah, NO-ONE can go wrong with red nail polish. I have my nails in classic high gloss red and my toes in candy-apple red. like the kind that's on chevys... it has a luster and sheen to it that I'm not wearing closed toe shoes for another month. rain or shine. FCUK HURRICANE NOEL!


jameil1922 said...

that crackle sounds hot!! i need some yesterday.