Project Runway Recap: Episode 2

(Is this really season 4? Time flies in fashion fun!! All notes taken during the show. Running recap!)

The challenge for this show is to create a two-piece outfit for SJP's new Bitten line at Steve & Barry's.

Did Chris March really just start crying over SJP??? LMAO!! And him sweating and unable to articulate really words of any kind is HILARITY!! Get it together!! And RICKY!! I cannot, I repeat, CANNOT watch you boo hooing this entire season. STOP!! And what's up with that see-thru mesh, gay man's club shirt hat you wear in the confessionals? It makes me vomit.

Of COURSE SJP (Sarah Jessica Parker... please tell me you already knew this.) chooses the cape. Of course she does. Sigh.

I hope the winning design is gorge because I would so love to own this stuff without having to bid online for designs for a European size 2 when I'm an American 2 or even 4, and at least 6 inches too short.

OOOH!! Ricky, Rami or Christian please! (picture me jumping up and down and clapping giddily right now like SJP in that witch movie when she's saying "Amok! Amok! Amok! So funny). I don't do leggings, but Rami dahling, yessss.

Please. Someone tell me, what is a fitted cape?!?! Never heard of such a thing.

Marion's leaving. I just feel it.

ELYSA!!! SPIT MARKER!! SPIT MARKER!?!? She marks clothing with spit. Everyone else uses I don't know, needles, pins, a strand of baby buffalo hair... you... use... SPIT!! You want to "IMBIBE" it with your energy. Look. I can get energy from lots of places. Redbull, Rockstar, Starbucks' crack-like coffee. I can't. BTW that usage of imbibe is considered archaic. Leave it there!! When you use it in that context it makes me think you were drunk when you thought it up. Enough Miss "Haiku of a cut"!

Sweet P. I kind of like her. She started a comment with "apparently working with Elysa, both being from different planets..." HILARITY!! Seriously. What IS the name of your planet, E? I can't believe I like her outfit. I just can't.

Stop it with the leggings!!

Nevermind. I am not at all a fan of Ricky's execution. I want more structure. And I can't stand that belt. Also not feeling Christian's. Ew. The design was ugly now that I have a closer look. Crap jacket and turtleneck dress I already have in black.

HEIDI ASKED ABOUT THE PLANET!!! LOVE IT!! Even better? E's response, "I'm coming to your planet, but with gifts." LOOOOVE. ITTTTTTTT!!

Rami's is ok. I don't like the color. I'm thinking more fitted.

Carmen. Why are you up here CRYING!?! So lame. I can't. I really can't abide by all the tears. Bia bia!! Partner challenge. The designer goes. That's how it works. You can't send someone home for someone else's design. Yeah right. Dry it up!

"Homeless Pocohantas" and "It was melting" for the same 'fit? (BTW LMAO!!) Outta there! Honey you don't have a chance.

Victorya wins. SJP didn't want to hurt feelings. Awww... honey. That's sweet but this is a competition. Somebody's gotta go. MARION! Auf wiedersehen! (duh)