most wonderful time of the year

ladies and gents, the cold air is here and its not going anywhere. that doesn't mean your style should!

first and foremost, something i feeel is verrrrrry important: you can't be flashy and fly if you're ashy and dry. bomb shoes with a cracked heel? nice mani with hands that look like you're an old school teacher? (chalk reference). Stop whatever you're using and switch.

*i do realize if you're up north, you shouldn't be wearing shoes that show your heel. i'm really trying to step outside my paradigm*

your whole beauty regime should switch to something that's heavier in the moisturizing sect. Your body wash that was transparent turquoise? switch to the pearlescent or straight up opaque one. Same thing with shampoos. Clear = detergent. pearl or NOT see thru = moisture.

still using that light lotion that smells good? gon head and pack up the summer sh... Lubriderm just came out with intensive lotion that's not water based like their other ones. my pops swears by Lube and everything they come out with. he says they use it in the hospitals and it used to be prescription only. Another good line is Nivea. My GRANDFATHER used and still uses nivea products since the days Niv was in Europe.

now onto the clothes. the modern girls guide to life once said the easy way to look fashionable is with your accessories. It is waaaaaaay cheaper than clothes (sometimes) and versatile. Say you have two peacoats: navy for every day and peach for church. You know how many scarves/mitten combos you can do with those two coats? cute-sy up an ontherwise drab outfit with some colorful earmuffs and gloves to match. Imagine the whole dark look (dark peacoat, pants and boots) popping with dark pink gloves and scarf! Spring up your winter!


jameil1922 said...

girl i loooooooove winter weather gear!! i'm the earmuff queen. i love them for no reason! i need more pairs. i also love leather gloves. i can't wear the knit ones because my long nails always poke thru (usually the thumbs first) so they last a month and really what's the point? none. leather gloves it is! black, chocolate brown and turquoise, yes turqoise with a button. fab. and all different styles but very adorable. LEATHER GLOVES FOR ALL!!

Elle said...

You are so right...moisture is key this time of year! And I am definitely a fan of colored leather gloves this season. Instant glamification.