Accessory Lady

Did you miss me? Yeah, Blogger Beta and I haven't been the best of friends so he being a brat, wouldn't let me use "the old version of Blogger". Mean ass. Whatever the case, I still can't post comments cause I really want to talk about Jameil's last post about Jennifer Hudson.

Isn't she bomb!??! OMG, SOOOOOOOOO want to see the movie because of her but....

so don't want to see the movie b/c of BeYawnce who found herself calling herself an actor now. Ummmmm, how bout no? You're an entertainer, I'll give you that. You have an amazing voice and your write really well. Its just unfortunate that your subject matter is a bit trivial/highschoolish but go ahead and impress that MTV/mp3 generation! Anyhoo, especially since Clay Cane's post about Dream or Nightmare (the original girls weren't invited to the premiere) i'm a bit skeptical ANNNNNNNND

I don't like when there's too much hype behind something. The publicity is KILLING me!! Everywhere I turn its Beyonce Beyonce Beyonce!! When was the last time Oprah had someone black on her show? She sure 'nuff had the Dreamgirls cast yesterday!

Did anybody else notice how she played Noni Rose? Did she blatantly skip over her or was that me? let me know something!

Oooh, the real reason for this post (now that I can again) was to talk about my fave accessories. Okay, one isn't my fave but my fave out of things I don't like to wear. What do I not like to wear? Stockings! Pantyhose, hosiery; whatever yu want to call it, I hate them. Until... I got some thigh-highs from Vicky C. Regular sheer black with the lace top. I was ecstatic when I saw my size. If you don't know me, I'm the person who rarely wears boots b/c them shits be baggy around my calves and thighs. (Yes, I have thigh-high boots). So, I got some thigh-high stockings from Victoria's Secrets and I'v never felt better.

Another type of stocking I hate/love are fishnets. Be careful when wearing these. The bigger the diamond, the more vamp you will look. With that said, do not wear your giant holed fishnets to church or work. Another thing to keep in mind with fishnets is that they are the pattern in the outfit. They are the pattern and can play the texture as well. Do not wear a patterned suit with some fishnets. It will also look kind of foolish if you're wearing a wool or tweed suit with fishnets on. Are you cold or not? Pick one. Its always safe to wear your fishnets with a solid suit that's the same color as the stockings and shoes. Now of course, this is kinda goes out the window if you're wearing pants. Do whatever you want in pants. But what's the point of fishnets that are covered?

Next thing. Shoes. Can't get enough of them. You can NEVER have too many shoes! There are too many styles and flavors to choose from! No matter what your style preference (wedge, strappy stiletto, d'orsay pumps, flat; pointy, square, or round toe, etc) get them in patent leather. The shine of patent leather makes whatever color your shoes are, sparkle like gems. Imagine rubies or sapphires on your feet. The black looks like liquid gold (oil) in shoe form. There is no reason for your feet to be boring cause its winter. Ish, there's no reason for your WARDROBE to be boring! I forgot where I saw it but there are these cute button down shirts with puff sleeves and a skinny belt. The belt is patent leather and would go WONDERFULLY with patent leather Sam & Libby ballet flats. I seen it. I want it. In dark pink. Oh yeah, it was a Zeta rocking a bl/white button down with patent leather accessories to boot. Quilted clutch, ballet flats, and a skinny belt in 1920 Blue. So....... go and do the patent leather thing!

Vegetarian Pasta Dish

So as you may or may not know, I'm home for the rest of the semester. My best friend (Dreezy) came over the other day and we were hungry. Clearly, Miami Subs (something I eat once a week whenever I'm home) was out of the question as was most restaurants (unless you want salad). I was thinking to just make Cream of Wheat but how boring is that? What I did was something both my vegan best friend and I could enjoy.

8oz of your favorite pasta. (that's about the circumference of a fifty-cent piece)
1/8 cup of olive oil
1/8 cup of minced garlic
1 large tomato, diced
salt, pepper, garlic powder
grated/shredded parmegian (sp) cheese
basil or oregano or fave green herb. Stop it Ace.

Cook the pasta according to package directions.

While salted and olive oiled water is boiling, add olive oil to large frying pan.

When oil is ready (you can tell by flicking some water into the pan. If the oil sizzles, its ready), add the garlic. Cook for 1 minute. Add pepper, tomatoes, garlic powder and herb of choice. Cook for 5 more minutes.

Drain pasta but do not rinse. Add drained pasta to frying pan and toss well. Cover with parm cheese and toss again.

Serve with fresh topping of parm cheese.

Added Bonus

So I cooked this at like, 3am on Tuesday morn. For lunch the next day, I added shrimp. About half a pound of shrimp was deveined and the tails were removed. I cut half of them in half and left the rest whole. Fried them in the pan right before tossing with the pasta as mentioned above.



Jennifer, YOU ARE THE BOMB!!

With the world premiere of the much talked about, highly hyped Dreamgirls movie, I thought now is the time to remind folk of what they won't see. I've never been an American Idol fan so I had no idea who Jennifer Hudson was. I saw her on late night television the other night and was impressed with her. I haven't seen the movie yet, but we already know what she will have to overcome. If you don't, let me help you out. Jennifer Holliday honey, YOU ARE THE BOMB!!!


Burger Baby

That's me. I've always loved burgers. Of any kind. Senior year in high school I was on the Burger King diet. Not literally. But that was when Jared started his Subway campaign. He ate Subway everyday. I ate a whopper everday. And I was so active with the band (as drum major) that I still lost weight. I wasn't trying, but people would always comment on it. Anywho. I don't eat a burger a day anymore, but I do eat burgers at least once a week, sometimes more because I love them.

Ruby Tuesday's has done some fabulous things with its menu. And most notably, there is a large burger section! Whoo hoo!! When the bf and I went there, I had the alpine swiss burger. Now I will give you the recipe for my personal fave burger that I make and is also healthy!

Jameil's Spinach Turkeyburger
3 cloves of garlic, minced
ground turkey
fresh baby spinach leaves (you can use frozen spinach if you're still scared of fresh)
finely chopped onion

Cook the spinach until its just wilted. Cool (i.e. in freezer to quickly shock it) so that its about the same temp as the ground turkey. Wring it out so that's its not dripping wet. Combine all ingredients. Put the finished product on a whole wheat bun and top with a slice of swiss, havarti with dill, or any other cheese of your choice, pickles, mustard, ketchup. This burger is heaven. Ground turkey has a tendency to be dry, but the spinach makes the burger juicy and delicious. AND you get your vegetables! Whoo hoo!!!


Down with Diets

At a very young age, my mom instilled in me the psychosis that is a dieting. It's counterproductive. You starve yourself half to death and eat food you don't enjoy. Most people don't have the discerning palates they think they do. Ground turkey when seasoned well is delicious. You also have to be cognizant it doesn't get as dark as beef and doesn't have the fat so you will have to add things to it (i.e. salsa/chicken broth/ketchup/worchestershire sauce depending on what you cook) to get the juicyness. It's surprisingly yummy.

We're so used to fried, fast foods that its hard to turn it off. Especially when places like WENDY'S are offering $1 gift certificates to everyone who buys a double melt. Bastard. Two patties, two kinds of chees and I think bacon. Chick-fil-A charges 20 cents extra for a whole wheat bun. McDonald's doesn't even sell baked potatoes! MADNESS!! MADNESS I SAY!! Why do they make it so expensive to eat healthily? Everyone who doesn't have time to cook everyday shouldn't have to spend an arm and a leg to eat well. Its just not right!!

It's also not right to eat rabbit food for 3 weeks and think you'll be able to keep up that madness. Lifestyle changes! I actually kind of hate that phrase because it sounds so easy but its obviously not. The point of this is down with diets. I hate them. Know my least fave? Low carb. IT IS NOT NORMAL TO EAT NOT A SINGLE CARB!! How do you have energy? IT IS NOT NORMAL TO EAT A MILLION PROTEINS!! I'm not a vegetarian by any stretch of the imagination. The lack of vegetables in my diet is appalling. But huge hunks of meat? Blech. I can't even eat steak. Partially because its so hard to get one cooked properly and also because it's just a hunk of meat on a plate. So caveman. Me eat red meat. No thanks. So here's to never dieting.


Baby It's Cold Outside

I love that song. So this fall has been a pretty mild one. I hate the cold, but I was still pretty pissed because I bought four new coats that I hadn't been able to wear until yesterday. The first one I got was a black wool 3/4 length from Victoria's Secret. I didn't have a black coat, and I think it is truly a neccesity. Well I had one but I don't like it anymore, so I never wore it. I have two pink pea coats, but no black, so i figured i needed to expand my collection. So while I was ordering the black one I saw a orange pea coat that I loved, so I got that too. Well while at the Target in Hampton I came across this. (FYI, it looks much better on me. Make sure you check out all the larger view of the coat so you can peep the portrait collar.) I had to get it. Got it home and fell in love with the portrait collar. I decided I liked this coat much better than the one from Vicky's, in this case that coat looked better on the chick in the catelogue, in pink. So I sent it back and went back to Target and got the green coat in black. The only thing I hate about the coat is that it has snaps, instead of buttons. Wool is too heavy for snaps. Every time I move the shit comes unsnapped. Don't even think about driving with that coat closed. And then last night I found this beautiful 3/4 length wool winter white Kenneth Cole coat from Macy's (can't find it online). My mommy got it for me for Christmas. She kept trying to tell me it was going to get dirty. Hater! So now I'm prepared for winter. I have an assortment of coats now.

***normally this post would have been all linked up, but I don't have access to Vicky's at work, and I couldn't find the white coat online. Sorry for the lack of visuals.