Burger Baby

That's me. I've always loved burgers. Of any kind. Senior year in high school I was on the Burger King diet. Not literally. But that was when Jared started his Subway campaign. He ate Subway everyday. I ate a whopper everday. And I was so active with the band (as drum major) that I still lost weight. I wasn't trying, but people would always comment on it. Anywho. I don't eat a burger a day anymore, but I do eat burgers at least once a week, sometimes more because I love them.

Ruby Tuesday's has done some fabulous things with its menu. And most notably, there is a large burger section! Whoo hoo!! When the bf and I went there, I had the alpine swiss burger. Now I will give you the recipe for my personal fave burger that I make and is also healthy!

Jameil's Spinach Turkeyburger
3 cloves of garlic, minced
ground turkey
fresh baby spinach leaves (you can use frozen spinach if you're still scared of fresh)
finely chopped onion

Cook the spinach until its just wilted. Cool (i.e. in freezer to quickly shock it) so that its about the same temp as the ground turkey. Wring it out so that's its not dripping wet. Combine all ingredients. Put the finished product on a whole wheat bun and top with a slice of swiss, havarti with dill, or any other cheese of your choice, pickles, mustard, ketchup. This burger is heaven. Ground turkey has a tendency to be dry, but the spinach makes the burger juicy and delicious. AND you get your vegetables! Whoo hoo!!!


The Very Reverend Ace Clemmons, Jr. said...

i'm definetly going to make that.


the joy said...

did i tell you my boyfriend and bro in law work at what we call "the ruby"? oh yeah. and the bf is a cook. yummy

jameil1922 said...

ace... and tell me all abt it! can't wait!

joy... no, you didn't. mmmmmmmmm. did i tell you after being in a bookclub where one of the members' hubby was a chef, i'm in love w/chefs?!?!?!?! i'm totally trying to get the bf to learn to cook.

CNEL said...

Damn a burger a day, I want that diet.

I need to make that too, even though I can't cook.