My First Pierogie

So... pierogies are a big deal here in Pittsburgh. They're Polish food. Everyone knows what they are and grew up eating them. Its a pastry pocket filled with mashed potatoes. I didn't describe that well. Ok potato puree.

At the Pirates games, there are pierogie races. There are these people dressed up as giant pierogies and they race from the outfield to home plate along the hometeam side. And you pick which one you want to cheer for. Its hilarious.

So there's a Polish guy I work with (in a European sense, we have the most diverse work room. I work with Portuguese, Slovakian, Croatian, Polish, Italian people and those are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head) and he brought me some pierogies this week. I was kind of scared because I'd bought some frozen ones. Then everyone told me the frozen ones are gross. So I had my first pierogie, made my a church lady on Tuesday... it was delicious! Cheers to pierogies and to Pittsburgh for having lots of different cuisines and to food network for making me adventurous with food!! YAY!!

Oh yeah... I went to a place called Sharp Edge Bistro with my coworkers last week. I had the Belgian Burger. The description: tender lamb blended with fresh ground beef, minced shallot and crumbled bacon topped with smoked gouda cheese and stone ground mustard sauce. Sounds delicious right? Ehh... it was ok. The burger was a little dry. I love burgers. They're one of my favorite foods. And I love cheeses, too. The cheese, mustard and bacon were all good, it was the burger that was lacking. Quite sad. And here I was poised to go back there again. Oh well. So much for that thought. But its nice to try some Pittsburgh food. We'll be trying a new place once a month for lunch.


Stacie von Kutieboots said...

pastry and potato...you are MUCH better than me! I'm picturing a crossaint with mashed potatoes inside.

I'm mad the belgian burg wasn't up to par! Maybe it was a bad day...

the joy said...

sounds like a beef pattie. only with potatoes. man, and i love patties.

sorry your lamburger wasnt great. i love lamb. so tender.

The Very Reverend Ace Clemmons, Jr. said...

damn, that belgian burger *sounds* delicious.....

Miss Ashli said...

i hate dry burgers, especially when you tell em to make it medium, and they give you well done with not a hint of pink.

as for Pierogies, I've never tried one. thanks for the post, maybe that will be next on my list.

jameil1922 said...

stace... don't think puffed pastry (btw a croissant is bread, not pastry). think almost like joy said. a beef patty w/pureed potatoes, not mashed.

on the burger... hmm.. i don't know but i need it not to be dry.

joy.. me too! i had my first patty at hampton at the c-store and have never had any anywhere else but they were deeeelish! i love lamb, too. i'm a gyro fiend!

rev... sigh. i know.

ash... hahahahahaha! that sounds tres familiar. come to pgh. i'll find you some pierogies.