That's one of the Raheem Devaughn songs I can't stop thinking about!!! He's going on tour and guess what city he's not going to... that's right, Pittsburgh. Of course. Know why? Because no one comes to Pittsburgh. And all the other places he's going to I can't go because its not on my off days. Of course not. Because that would be far too convenient and we can't have that!!! If you haven't heard the love experience, what on earth are you waiting for? Christmas? You're in luck. Its right around the corner. Get it for yourself early. It's worth it. Need a preview (this is ridiculous b/c this cd is old), check him out on myspace. All the cool kids are doin it. If you want to see him, head to his myspace page for a list. I'm not helping anymore. I'm going to pout now. HMPH!


Stacie von Kutieboots said...

We need to be on his street team! why doesn't anyone know abt Raheem??? I love him! and he's a cutie!

jameil1922 said...

what i look like bein on somebody street team? crazy. where the hell is ashli? she betta still be out of town. we ain't playin.

Anonymous said...

Raheem Devaughn is the 21st century D'angelo..without the extra baggage and artists' mystique.

He seems to be HUGE in the upscale negro blogosphere, but pretty much anonymous everywhere else.

Jameil im gonna need you to stop bashing Pittsburgh, for real. He ain't coming to Dallas either.

Anonymous said...

I have been following him since 1999. He is from D.C(Im from Baltimore so it is close enough to consider him hometown since he plays a lot there). This dude has talent and people just dont appreciate him.

CNEL said...

I love that song "Believe" along with 4-7 on his album.

Yea as Eps said, he is from the D.C. metro and went to Coppin State I'm almost positive, so we can claim him too. Cause you know the D.C. metro is regional despite the tension with our neighbors to the south.

But back to Raheem his music is on point.