Rebel Soul Music

"My music is just soul music, but I attach "rebel" to it because my music is revolutionary. I want you to evolve from your day-to-day thinking that most music being played on the radio doesn't encourage or inspire you to do."

If you watched Dave Chapelle's Block Party, you may or may not have seen him. He was wearing a jacket that was reminiscent of the Jacksons or maybe even EWF back in the day...it was leather and it was teal. he's a bad-ass rocker who has played guitar with the Roots but can carry himself. His name is Martin Luther and like his name sake, he grew up in a strict religious home. Raised on church hymns and rigorous piano lessons, Martin was born a rebel. After hearing Funkadelic, he knew what his mission in life was: rebel music.

A Morehouse Man with a degree in Media Arts accompanied by an Entertainment Law/Marketing concentration, he knows music and he knows the industry. How attractive is that?

This sexy bitch got m -i just found out he posts on Blogger!!!!! DYING!!!! and he posted a comment on my myspace page!!!!!!!!! DYING!!!!!!!!!!! can't concentrate now...what was I saying??? bump it! Martin Luther is the truth. Peep him. NOW! You'll thank me in the morning.

P.S. Martin Luther is just one of many brothers since Prince and Lenny who are tking the guitar by storm. We invented Rock and Roll and we left it to the wayside. Jimi Hendrix will forever be immortalized as the greatest guitarist ever but most of us reading this weren't of that era. George Clinton is still alive and his influence permeates EVERYTHING we listen to. I swear EVERY rapper has sampled P-Funk which is its own musical genre BTW... Bootsie Collins brought forth the importance of the bass guitarist which used to just be the background. For most of us reading this, Prince and Lenny are our guitarists. Not the hugest fan of either, I definitely respect the both of them and love what I do hear by them. Then I got a mix CD with ML on it...and Cody Chesnutt...and Amp Fiddler. Check all these guys out. They're bringing rock and roll back to us.


The Very Reverend Ace Clemmons, Jr. said...

Good review and tip -stace. i will check this out.

i gotta disagree with you about price tho. That man is a musical genius. i dont say that lightly either. He consistantly blow me away with his ability to shin in almost any medium on any instrument. Off the top of my head: if you have not seen his performance in the Tribute to George Harrison at the RnR hall of Fame(he takes a very long solo inthe end of "my guitar gently weeps"), its breath taking and reminds me of what Rock music is all about. Chills up my spine and make me happy to be alive..


the very.

Stacie von Kutieboots said...

I so need to delve into Prince. I know he is genius. I respect but haven't gotten to really APPRECIATE him. I heard Miles bet him he can't make a hit song without a bass line. 'When Dove Cry' and the entire ALBUM proved him wrong. I know Prince is on point, I know he's an AWESOME musician, performer, entertainer, ALL THAT! I'ma cop some Prince and be immersed in the Paisely genius!

The Very Reverend Ace Clemmons, Jr. said...

Prince once said (about he is earlier material) " if you hear a bass line, its a mistake." He maintained for a while that the bass just effed everything up with the vocal and the drums. and for his stuff at the time- he was right. His highness spun off a lot of cool stuff-- like for instance the D'angelo "voodoo" record- while a total prince rip- is still pretty slammin. And of course- Prince himself,admittedly, would not exist had it not been for the Genius of Sly and the Family Stone.

you need to see him live. Last show i saw he did about a 45 minute solo acoustic set. An eye opener to see that even his most produced songs work with just a voice and guitar.

Check out "sshhh" off the "gold" record.

the very

Anonymous said...

I love Cody Chesnutt. I relate to him a deep level. I have downloaded an extensive amount of his music. That brother is good.

jameil1922 said...

oooh cody chestnutt is that cha-ruth! that man can sang his a off! "A Morehouse Man with a degree in Media Arts accompanied by an Entertainment Law/Marketing concentration, he knows music and he knows the industry. How attractive is that?" booo. over-rated! love guitars. also can get down w/lenny. prince is a liiiittle too odd for me.