Designer Water

As you may or may not know, I don't like water. I don't like to drink it, not too fond of swimming in it (mess up my hair?! Yeah, right) and on and on. However, everytime I go to the hospital, I get an IV because I'm dehydrated. When I was sick, among my list of things to do was, "stay hydrated. drink water and other fluids". I'd ignore the water part and fill up on Gatorade.

So we know how I am about my hair but we don't know how I am about my skin. Its horrible. Well I'm being extremely hard on myself right now but I think its so blotchy, blemish-y, greasy, porous, etc. I mean, I was on benzoyl peroxide before it was over the counter (now its clean and clear persa-gel). When at Hampton, I didn't go to class for a week because of a bad flare up (I later found it was an allergic reaction to something I ate). I cried sooooo hard to my mom one night, "Mommy, I'm so ugly! You should see my skin! *wailing* I don't want to go anywhere!!" She thought maybe it was the was HU's water. I mean, my skin has never been so bad I didn't want to go anywhere! In highschool, I just took my senior pictures a year later so my allergic reaction to Mary Kay would have faded, you know? Whatever the case, I start washing my face with bottled water. Nothing. Still ugly. Pops got me a prescription for doxycycline. An antibiotic that attacks the germs causing my breakouts. On top of that, take some vitamin E caps in addition to your multi-vit. It works for a while but my skin is still acting up!

So what would you do if you have bad skin andn you've tried everything from pro-active to clinique's 3 step, to actual prescription medication, to body shop's tea tree line, to oil of olay to clean and clear to toners and astringents and oil free moisturizers and gel mositurizers and on and on on??? Step your water game up right? I can't. Till I found something pleasing to my eye.

I drink Fiji bottled water. Maybe its a mind thing. I actually feel good when I drink this water and as a result, I drink more. Don't laugh when I say this but the bottle has a palm frond and hibiscus on it! The water looks sooooo clear! Its bottled where this is no air pollution! Its Artesian!!!! No? (hangs head)

Well not only Fiji but S. Pellegrino water...in the green glass bottle. The bottle is only 8oz and way more expensive than anyone's GALLON of water but I like green (sheepish). And its a glass bottle! No?? (hangs head)

Next on my list, Voss. I saw it at somebody's nightclub and wanted it immediately.

I think I'm starting to like this water thing!


jameil1922 said...

lmao@ your designer water. hilarious. i drink bottled water b/c the water at my house rarely tastes like anything out of the tap. in charlotte, the water is sooooooo yummy. i don't really have any designer water preferences. i'll pretty much drink it all. i didn't start drinking water for fun, though until freshman yr at hampton when i'd eat at a table full of boys. i was the only one drinking soda. that's how i got to water.

The Very Reverend Ace Clemmons, Jr. said...

skin and water are intrinscally (sp) linked..

lot of water= good skin. usually.

Miss Ashli said...

did you ever start drinking that capri sun water I told you about, or is that not designer enough.

i like poland spring and dasani

the joy said...

i have skin issues too and my mom and my bf say its water related. i just hate the non taste of water. it tastes like faucet to me. but i love voss! i call it club water. its way too expensive . also aquafina. its helping.

Stacie von Kutieboots said...

J- I should've sat with you guys =(

Ace- you're right. and its not usually, its DEFINITELY!

Ash- (sheepish) no... i didn't try it

Joy- that's how I feel abt water! it tastes like nothing! i mean, its not nasty but its not good either!