less is more

i think it started in middle school. i mean, my ears have been pierced since i was 4 weeks old and i don't remember choosing what to adorn my lobes with but middle school strikes a fashion chord in my heart... yeah. you start getting extra conscious of everything you wear, accessories have to match perfectly and on and on. whatever the case, i started wearing silver hoops in middle school and they got bigger and bigger each year. by the time i reached my senior year at FAMU, i had thin hoops that were way too big to be bracelets (thanks aldo). it was an ordeal finding the perfect pair of hoops to start out the new school year; i didn't want the ones with a post and a back to it, i didn't want the ones that clasped closed; i wanted the ones that you snap closed, on a hinge. i always found my pair, whether diamond accented, laser cut, polished or smooth, my hoops were bomb. why hoops? i think i thought my head was too big for anything else. no drops, studs, chandeliers, nothing but my hoops.

i had a job interview a couple weeks ago. i knew my ginormous hoops would not be appro-pro so i bought some silver studs. just some balls the size of my pinkie nail. i looked... pretty. like a lady. not saying i was anything less before but just goes to show that less is more wasn't said for no reason.


Portion control?? But why??

Can I tell you how sick I am of the portions. Just because I eat (a lot of) fast food doesn't mean I want to die a slow, fat, painful death. It also does not mean I want the largest possible portion. Arby's doesn't offer small drinks or small fries or small popcorn chicken or small milkshakes. (Arby's is the only thing on the way to my house so I eat there a ridiculous amount and can just about recite the menu including items that have been removed in the last 2 years). I think Wendy's is worse. Do you know they consider a 20 oz. drink a small?!?!? WHAT?!?! I get annoyed when people get on the McDonald's menu and start talking about the movie "Super Size Me." Trust and believe if you eat a high fat, sugar-filled diet ANYWHERE, even if it's at your home, you will end up overweight. At least McD's and Burger King offer a small. And it's an ACTUAL small. Sometimes I want some yummy fries without eating a 2 lb. bag of potatoes. Is that so much to ask!?!?! This is one of my favorite questions because I think I make a lot of very reasonable requests that should just be commonplace. Come on!! Who gets rid of small?!!? And McD's needs to add a baked potato to their menu. They all want us fat. I'm convinced.


Something to Love

i'm at my new place with andrew and he got on his mac book right? under itunes, you can get a constant stream of music that rivals satellite quality for free! i swear, apple/mac came back from the 80s with a vengance!! anyhoo, he clicked on the rnb link and about 50 links came up. we tried this hip-hop meets rnb and reggae link and akon was singing, "but it don't matter, nooooo!" drew despises convict music so he clicked on projectvibe.

can i have this station, like constantly playing in my life??!?!!?!? no commercials, just mix-tape smoothness and great vibes!!! the music is obscure enough for me to constantly click the itunes page to see who's playing and i haven't heard the same thing twice yet! that's DEFINATELY something you can't say for regular radio! at the same time, its not too out there; i've heard amy winehouse, omar, corrine, toni tony, tone, and the wonderful list goes on and on.

so there's a chick i heard on dj jamad's latest mixtape (identity) who just came on this station. kim hill is amel larrieux meets res. check her out. www.myspace.com/iamkimhill

now they are playing d'angelo feat femi kuti and macy gray!!! AWESOME!!


Chipotle Pepper Burgers

grill seasoning
2 chipotle peppers in adobo sauce (found in Mexican section)
1 lb. ground turkey
1 small diced onion

Combine all ingredients (make sure some of the adobo sauce is in your meat). Score the meat (press it in 4 even sections to give you burgers all the same size). Cook on medium high heat about 5 minutes on each side. And deelish!

This is another Rachael Ray recipe and let me tell you. It's spicy but so yumm-o, to quote my girl. Fantastic. The second it hits the pan your nose starts begging to taste. I topped mine with swiss cheese and put them on whole wheat buns. Can't wait to have another tomorrow. Very worth the runny nose and fire scalp! :) If you're wary of spicy, try it with just one pepper and scrape out most of the seeds (which is where the heat lives) and you'll be fine. The smoky flavor is fantastic. I left all the seeds in my peppers. I probably could've scrapped some but I didn't want to lose an ounce of flavor.