Something to Love

i'm at my new place with andrew and he got on his mac book right? under itunes, you can get a constant stream of music that rivals satellite quality for free! i swear, apple/mac came back from the 80s with a vengance!! anyhoo, he clicked on the rnb link and about 50 links came up. we tried this hip-hop meets rnb and reggae link and akon was singing, "but it don't matter, nooooo!" drew despises convict music so he clicked on projectvibe.

can i have this station, like constantly playing in my life??!?!!?!? no commercials, just mix-tape smoothness and great vibes!!! the music is obscure enough for me to constantly click the itunes page to see who's playing and i haven't heard the same thing twice yet! that's DEFINATELY something you can't say for regular radio! at the same time, its not too out there; i've heard amy winehouse, omar, corrine, toni tony, tone, and the wonderful list goes on and on.

so there's a chick i heard on dj jamad's latest mixtape (identity) who just came on this station. kim hill is amel larrieux meets res. check her out. www.myspace.com/iamkimhill

now they are playing d'angelo feat femi kuti and macy gray!!! AWESOME!!