Where Dey Do Dat At?

As you may or may not know, I went to an upscale party about two or three weeks ago. The invitation alone was something serious! First of all, there was a teaser's teaser. Then a teaser. Then the actual invite. The event was called 'Paparazzi' and on the invite, it said, "a Celebrities Only Red & Black Affair"

Cool! I love a party with a dress code or theme! Notsomuch the 'White Out's that are SOOOOOOOOOOO 2002 and are NEVER done right... ugh. I digress.

Seeing how I don't like to wear red that much, I had my Pentecost dress that I wear ONCE a year and hella black clothes. Ix-nay on the church dress. Little black dress would've been too boring so I opted for my short editor shorts and a thin long sleeve shirt. I am a firm believer in balance. Since all my legs were going to be out and I was going to wear heels, I knew better than to come out the house in a tube top or even a slinky camisole. For my red, I knew my patent leather pumps would be my pop. How boring would I have been if I wore black shoes?!!?
Even my camera matches.

Anyhoot, there were some ladies who must not have internet and did NOT get the cyber memo.

Exhibit A
REALLY!?!? A faded maxi camouflage dress!??!?!

Where Dey Do Dat At?!!?

1. it's not red and/or black
2. it's faded
3. It's camo. I changed into a camo dress at my Sweet 16 back in 1998. Maaaaaybe you could've gotten a pass if this was 2001 and 'Survivor' was at the top of the charts. Maybe.

and what's going on with your friend!?!?!??!

Exhibit B

So perplexed by her. And for some weird reason, she's hiding the ginormous garbage bag of a purse she had...

Yo, what is UP with her shirt!? I just want to know

Where Dey Do Dat At?!!?


Walk of Shame

I am so disappointed in myself. I can't believe that despite how tired I was from moving in all day yesterday, I was already out of the house, but too lazy to go too far for food. And I wanted some Mexican. So instead of a 5-minute drive, I settled for Taco Bell. Please don't beat me. I got the volcano nachos and a ranchero taco. The former is what made me realize that walk from my car to my apartment with that bag in hand was indeed a walk of shame. And I SHOULD be ashamed! How can I call myself a fan of Mexican food and eat these half-stale sorry excuses for tortilla chips with yellow processed cheese spread product (vomit), red dye 40 tortilla strips, a mashed mess of refried beans and ground beef essence? The best thing was the pickled jalapenos. Those were delicious, but not enough. I know Taco Bell technically serves its purpose somewhere (Maine maybe?) but there's a delicious drive-thru Mexican joint in town so I will have to call this what it is: sad. The taco wasn't bad, I can admit, but that does not negate the walk of shame. *hangs head*