E.xpress Loves Me

and I love E.xpress.

So today, my church is having picture day for our directory. Mom said she's wearing pink and green and said we should work around that.

See where I get my
1. brattiness and
2. my love for the p&g combo?

Whatever the case, you know that's no problem for me! I bust out this dress I got in Pitts.

How bout the photog was writing down the colors each of had and she wrote down, "magenta" for me! LOVE HER!

So Mini Me was eyeing my dress and asked if I bought the dress in all colors. Hanging my head low, I said, "no". Defeated. We both know that when something works for you, run with it. You will ALWAYS look good.


Stop the Music

Do you know avacados are $2.49 EACH up here??? EACH!! Are you out of your mind!? That is outrageous! Why even bother to sell them? Also saw jumbo navel oranges for 99 cents each. No. I will not be paying a dollar per orange. Regular navels 4/$2 (why didn't you just say 2/$1?). I'm not sure that's a deal, either. These people are crazy. I love avocado but come on.


Mmmmm... Chipooootleeee

I'm obsessed with chipotles. Smoked jalepeno peppers. Or as I call them smoky fruit of love (c). Sigh. The heat is a bit subtler than jalepenos. The smokiness masks the heat... but only for a moment. I bought some chipotle salsa and may never go back to regular. I mean I had to STOP myself from continuing to shove chipotle salsa-slathered tortilla chips in my mouth when the fire from them was numbing the back of my throat as my eyes began to water to match the faucet my nose became. Then I had to chase it with a glass of water and a glass of cranberry juice.

*I just drank more fluids in 10 minutes than Stace has probably had all day if not the last two days. Lol.*

But it was so worth it! I'd do it again! And I probably will tomorrow. Did you know salsa is fat free? Ya Jam right! And usually cholesterol-free. Plus I count that as a vegetable. If I don't I may never eat any vegetables with any regularity. After I calmed the fire in my mouth, I still needed more. Plus I'd also bought spinach flour tortillas which smelled super fresh and were calling my name. Jameilllllll. Huh? Jaaaaameeeeiiilllll.... Whaaaa? You know you want me... Jam right I want you! Come here chipotle! Time to meet spinach tortilla. I made some ground turkey with cumin, salt, pepper, corn and black beans. Mix it with 3 tablespoons of salsa (told you I wasn't playin), rip the tortilla like the Mexicans do (that's what my Mexican friend said anyway) and go to town. And I still wanted more salsa. Don't stop til ya get enough! Jameeeiiilll


Wait. What?

Did the New York Times really just review First Sunday? Marvin Gaye!! Where are you when I need you? I need to know what's goin on! Ooooh what's goin on (a what's goin on)? And... it wasn't ripping it to shreds. Perplexed am I. Just. so. confused.


And Anotha One

The newest issue of Everyday with Rachael Ray magazine is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHO'S EXCITED?! I AM I AM!!!!!!!! I literally jumped up and down through my snotty nose and stuffed up head. Time to go drool!