E.xpress Loves Me

and I love E.xpress.

So today, my church is having picture day for our directory. Mom said she's wearing pink and green and said we should work around that.

See where I get my
1. brattiness and
2. my love for the p&g combo?

Whatever the case, you know that's no problem for me! I bust out this dress I got in Pitts.

How bout the photog was writing down the colors each of had and she wrote down, "magenta" for me! LOVE HER!

So Mini Me was eyeing my dress and asked if I bought the dress in all colors. Hanging my head low, I said, "no". Defeated. We both know that when something works for you, run with it. You will ALWAYS look good.


jameil1922 said...

i so don't do that buy in every color thing. i like it in one color and i buy that unless its a tee. i want my wardrobe to be varied.

Honey-Libra said...

That is a really cute dress!

tAnYeTTa said...

look at you!!!!!!!!! cute cute cute