The New Sound (4/2006)

There was the Philly vibe for a while right? When people started getting tired of commercial r-n-b so they "invented" the term 'neo-soul' for that alternative sound. Jill, the Roots, Musiq Solchild who's just Musiq now...even Jag and the Jazzys got a little airplay. Then you definately remember how Atlanta was ruling the airwaves for what seemed like forever? Between Usher's "Yeah" and D4L's "Laffy Taffy", T.I. and Jeezy, "The Love Below" and "Speakboxx" ATL was the place to be...again. Toni Braxton, TLC, Da Brat..the days of So So Def, LaFace and whoever else was fortunate to be in the A at the right time has been heard and now that that's done, we are on to Texas.
Starting last spring, we heard sprinkles of Slim Thug and Paul Wall. I was fortunate to have a roomate from Texas when I was at the illustrious Hampton University and I heard Lil Flipper before he dropped the '-er'. I heard chopped and screwed Trick before HE even heard it. When people were asking, "Who is Mike Jones?" I was answering. Last summer, I spent time in Texas; even road tripped from Austin to Tally and naturally, I heard all that we are hearing now. Chamillionaire, all that. I actually like Texas music. Its is definately alright with me (in a commercial sense). Of course Destiny's Child was always around but no-one ever really thought of them as a Texas sounding group; R-n-B doesn't have a sound...or does it?

Detroit is where it is AT for music guys! If you are looking for a breath of fresh air, pick up a DET based CD. The production of JD will be missed but TRUST, he will not be forgotten. From real instrumentation to off the wall drum patterns, Detroit has my musical heart. Slum Village got some commercial appeal when "Tainted" came out Fall 2003...and that's when their hook/bridge artist first caught my eye. Dwele. He is it. If you haven't peeped him, please go get his CDs. Naturally, the bestest made me a mix CD with this dude on it bout three and a half years ago and I am JUST now HEARING this dude! You know how you listen to music but you don't really HEAR it? Or maybe you were trying to hear but it wasn't the right time for that piece...yeah.

So after Slum Village and Dwele, who is next? Platinum Pied Pipers. Simply put: Awesome. They are my SHIT!!! I have listened to that CD three times in a row! ?love said he listened to it SEVEN times in a row and made 28 people listen to it, 3 at gunpoint because he is willing to go to jail for Platinum Pied Pipers. I am seriously thinking about buying Mini Me their CD just so they can get that much more support from me.

If you have the choice to listen to great music, check out Dwele and Platinum Pied Pipers. While you're at it, do like Dead Prez said, "Turn off the Radio"