and that's how i became a foodie

i know, i know, i'm way late. but i was super busy, but now i'm here. i'm sure you're all wondering how i became a foodie. good question. i would have to say it all started in college, the late years. ***sidebar- if you were unfamiliar with my alma mater, the illustrious Hampton University. so anywho, i only ate chicken for the longest, and i sure as hell didn't cook. i didn't have a domestic bone in my body until senior year at the illustrious one, when i moved off campus with my girl C. and she's about as non-domestic as they come, so thats when my life changed. it was domestication at its finest, i was actually borderline obsessive compulsive, but thats so not what we're talking about here. its all about food, but i'm getting there. senior year is where my inner housewife was born. all i did when i was out of class, which was by 12 noon daily, i would cook and clean. so i would watch foodtv on my free/stolen cable, and thats where i would get all of my cooking ideas. i was always experimenting with cooking. and thats where my culinary skills blossomed. and the broke hungry college kids were loving it, always interested in being lab rats with my experimenting. it came to a point where we had to stop answering our door at dinner time, b/c someone was always knockin just when we sat down to eat. musta though 10B was the cafe or something. and thats how i became a foodie.


Stacie von Kutieboots said...

YAY! Ashli posted, YAY!!

jameil1922 said...

i know i thought it was the cafe! clearly i became a foodie based on your compulsion and releasing thy inner housewife. yay stolen cable and cc's undomesticity! :D