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Did you miss me? Yeah, Blogger Beta and I haven't been the best of friends so he being a brat, wouldn't let me use "the old version of Blogger". Mean ass. Whatever the case, I still can't post comments cause I really want to talk about Jameil's last post about Jennifer Hudson.

Isn't she bomb!??! OMG, SOOOOOOOOO want to see the movie because of her but....

so don't want to see the movie b/c of BeYawnce who found herself calling herself an actor now. Ummmmm, how bout no? You're an entertainer, I'll give you that. You have an amazing voice and your write really well. Its just unfortunate that your subject matter is a bit trivial/highschoolish but go ahead and impress that MTV/mp3 generation! Anyhoo, especially since Clay Cane's post about Dream or Nightmare (the original girls weren't invited to the premiere) i'm a bit skeptical ANNNNNNNND

I don't like when there's too much hype behind something. The publicity is KILLING me!! Everywhere I turn its Beyonce Beyonce Beyonce!! When was the last time Oprah had someone black on her show? She sure 'nuff had the Dreamgirls cast yesterday!

Did anybody else notice how she played Noni Rose? Did she blatantly skip over her or was that me? let me know something!

Oooh, the real reason for this post (now that I can again) was to talk about my fave accessories. Okay, one isn't my fave but my fave out of things I don't like to wear. What do I not like to wear? Stockings! Pantyhose, hosiery; whatever yu want to call it, I hate them. Until... I got some thigh-highs from Vicky C. Regular sheer black with the lace top. I was ecstatic when I saw my size. If you don't know me, I'm the person who rarely wears boots b/c them shits be baggy around my calves and thighs. (Yes, I have thigh-high boots). So, I got some thigh-high stockings from Victoria's Secrets and I'v never felt better.

Another type of stocking I hate/love are fishnets. Be careful when wearing these. The bigger the diamond, the more vamp you will look. With that said, do not wear your giant holed fishnets to church or work. Another thing to keep in mind with fishnets is that they are the pattern in the outfit. They are the pattern and can play the texture as well. Do not wear a patterned suit with some fishnets. It will also look kind of foolish if you're wearing a wool or tweed suit with fishnets on. Are you cold or not? Pick one. Its always safe to wear your fishnets with a solid suit that's the same color as the stockings and shoes. Now of course, this is kinda goes out the window if you're wearing pants. Do whatever you want in pants. But what's the point of fishnets that are covered?

Next thing. Shoes. Can't get enough of them. You can NEVER have too many shoes! There are too many styles and flavors to choose from! No matter what your style preference (wedge, strappy stiletto, d'orsay pumps, flat; pointy, square, or round toe, etc) get them in patent leather. The shine of patent leather makes whatever color your shoes are, sparkle like gems. Imagine rubies or sapphires on your feet. The black looks like liquid gold (oil) in shoe form. There is no reason for your feet to be boring cause its winter. Ish, there's no reason for your WARDROBE to be boring! I forgot where I saw it but there are these cute button down shirts with puff sleeves and a skinny belt. The belt is patent leather and would go WONDERFULLY with patent leather Sam & Libby ballet flats. I seen it. I want it. In dark pink. Oh yeah, it was a Zeta rocking a bl/white button down with patent leather accessories to boot. Quilted clutch, ballet flats, and a skinny belt in 1920 Blue. So....... go and do the patent leather thing!


jameil1922 said...

you really can't let beyonce stop you from seeing this movie. you know i hate hype more than the next one but my mom said its worth it. and actually jennifer is getting WAAAAAAAY more pub and attn than beyonce now that people have seen the movie. jennifer's a little raw and could use a vocal coach but even w/o that she sings beyonce's ass under the table.

jameil1922 said...

les accessoires. i like stockings. i don't know why but i do. not w/open-toed shoes, tho. if its warm enough for those, its warm enough to go bare-legged. love fishnets, too. i don't think you should only wear them w/solids though but you have to be very careful so for the untrained, that's probably a good idea.

you are so shoe obsessed. i like shoes but you are shoe amazing. you will not talk about cold wx shoes b/c you don't need them!!! trust, its hard to find nice winter shoes that aren't an arm and a leg. i'm not saying it can't be done but its more of a challenge than straps and flip flops, south fla.

Stacie von Kutieboots said...

you're right abt the movie. i just can't see myself supporting a project of someone i don't like but clearly, there are others i DO want to see, you know?

OMG, i hate seeing stocking and open toe shoes.

the only pattern i can see fishnets with is a pinstripe. what pattern are you seeing? maybe a chevron but that's basically diagonal pin-stripe.

I am so not obsessed! when was the last time i got some shoes? carrie from SATC is obsessed, not I ;-)

jameil1922 said...

sure. tell yourself that. money not withstanding, when would be the last time you bought a pair of shoes? and if you got a $100 visa/amex gift card and were to only spend it on something not bill related, how would you use it?