Baby It's Cold Outside

I love that song. So this fall has been a pretty mild one. I hate the cold, but I was still pretty pissed because I bought four new coats that I hadn't been able to wear until yesterday. The first one I got was a black wool 3/4 length from Victoria's Secret. I didn't have a black coat, and I think it is truly a neccesity. Well I had one but I don't like it anymore, so I never wore it. I have two pink pea coats, but no black, so i figured i needed to expand my collection. So while I was ordering the black one I saw a orange pea coat that I loved, so I got that too. Well while at the Target in Hampton I came across this. (FYI, it looks much better on me. Make sure you check out all the larger view of the coat so you can peep the portrait collar.) I had to get it. Got it home and fell in love with the portrait collar. I decided I liked this coat much better than the one from Vicky's, in this case that coat looked better on the chick in the catelogue, in pink. So I sent it back and went back to Target and got the green coat in black. The only thing I hate about the coat is that it has snaps, instead of buttons. Wool is too heavy for snaps. Every time I move the shit comes unsnapped. Don't even think about driving with that coat closed. And then last night I found this beautiful 3/4 length wool winter white Kenneth Cole coat from Macy's (can't find it online). My mommy got it for me for Christmas. She kept trying to tell me it was going to get dirty. Hater! So now I'm prepared for winter. I have an assortment of coats now.

***normally this post would have been all linked up, but I don't have access to Vicky's at work, and I couldn't find the white coat online. Sorry for the lack of visuals.


Stacie von Kutieboots said...

you have two pink pea coats?!? OMG is one from Express? dk pink? i wanted that one soooooooo bad!

and that winter white sound soooo presh!

i was kinda wondering abt the lack o' visuals. i was thinking that that's not like you...

so what's the grand total? winter white, black, orange, and 2 pinks? get it!

the joy said...

i'm a sporty coat chick. i need a more formal one though... but damn you got coat crazy. if only you lived closer... i'd so borrow!

jameil1922 said...

i LUUUUUUUUUUURVE coats!! yay!! i'm coming to steal that coat you hate! hahahaha. i need a black one, too.

wool w/snaps??? who's bright idea was that impracticality?

Miss Ashli said...

stacey: it is dark pink almost purple but not from Express, its Anne Klein from TJ Maxx, as is the other pink one, which is light pink and white twillish herringbonish.
the winter white one is beautiful. i've been dying to find one and finally i met my match.
you forgot the green one in your grand total, and the pinks were from two seasons ago, so this years grand total was $350. The two target one's were only $50, hence why I got two, and they are pretty good quality minus the crap snaps. And mommy got the white one, so really MY total was $210

joy: i only have one sporty coat, i need more casual coats, ones to wear with jeans, and I need a new leather. if you need a more formal one check out burlington coat factory, they have hella coats in there.

jameil: you can check it out this weekend. i think its pretty wack but knock yourself out. i got it Christmas freshman year at HU, when everyone was gettin pea coats. yeah i'm sure some man thought of the snaps. he's so wack for that.

all: i'm trying to find pictures of coats similar to the ones I got.

Miss Ashli said...

question??? are dudes still wearing tan pea coats. bf wants one but i don't think they exist anymore. haven't seen one any.

Stacie von Kutieboots said...

i haven't seen tan pea coats since my days at HU. i miss those and avi's.
and faces.

i meant the grand total of coats! not money spent!

jameil1922 said...

i like tan pea coats. if you can find one, you should buy it. sooooo jeally of your white pea coat!!

Van said...

Where did you get the Orange Pea Coat? I've been searching everywhere and can't find one... Thanks