Adventures in Food

A can of cream of chicken, a can of cream of mushroom, some white rice, some pepper, water, then diced onions added as an afterthought.


Dad's get well soup creation. He implored me to taste it. I passed. Not because it didn't smell good, and not because he wasn't ranting and raving over it through hacking coughs. I just wasn't hungry. I said I'd take some for lunch the next day. I went upstairs and went to sleep shortly thereafter.

The next day I come downstairs, open the container and am stumped. What is that? There are some brown masses in there. At first I think mushed beans or congealed beef fat or something, but the consistency is not right in the mostly yellow soup. Hmmmm.. I was going to take some, but I was too disturbed by the brown mystery. It's usually not a good thing in the refrigerator.

I erred on the side of caution and put that bad boy back where I got it from.

Later that day....



"What was that brown stuff in the soup?"

"Oh I put a little bit of everything I could find in there."

"But what was the brown stuff."

"Roast beef from Arby's."


"Oh. I didn't know what that was."

"You need to be more adventurous with food."

Oh hell no. You put some mystery meat in a bowl and I'm just supposed to eat it? Pass. Adventurous with food is me trying polenta, capers or lentils for the first time just because I've seen them on the Food Network. Adventurous is me being willing to try an Indian buffet though I've never had Indian before. ADVENTUROUS is me buying anchovy paste even though I've never eaten an anchovy to my knowledge, JUST because Rachael Ray said I should try it even if I think I don't like anchovies because when it cooks down it tastes nutty and not at all fishy. Please don't try me like that ever again.



Duck said...

Not even the fact that's roast beef...

But the fact that it's from ARBY'S.


That's like me taken the filet off a Wendy's chicken sammich and making chicken parmesean.

Papa, nooooooooo....


jameil1922 said...

hahahaha. i told you!!

Miss Ashli said...

D's trippin. Why was he saving his Arby's leftovers to make a recreation?

the joy said...

that's what popped into my head. he opened up a s'wich and dropped it in there. dad. come on.

Stacie von Kutieboots said...

LMAO at the comments!!!!

Chef Boyardaddy strikes again! When will they stop??

jameil1922 said...

its still in there. i guess he didn't like it as much as he thought he would. i'm about to throw it out. we will not be staring at it for the next year thankyouverymuch!!