This Weekend's list

I saw and heard some things and thought only of the Record Dish whose name I thought was going to be changed...

I saw Smokin Aces on Saturday. Good idea, bad execution. The plot was a mob boss wants this key witness killed and literally wants his heart. Killers for hire hear the word on the street and the games begin.

1. ben affleck and his two man crew (a baldwin bro and someone else) were wack. the whole movie could've done without their parts. their boss (jason bateman) played his part well
2. the tremor brothers were good (no names)
3. Alicia Keys was surprisingly good as was her partner in crime, Taraji Henson
4. this spanish torture dude was good/sexy
5. this eastern european master of disguise was good and creepy
6. Andy Garcia was an FBI director; straight
7. Ray Liotta played his FBI agent part well!
8. I wish Jeremy Pivens (Ace) part was developed WAAAAAAAY more
9. so and still in love with Ryan Reynolds who played a serious role for the 1st time really well
10. Common's part was extra as hell. superfluous. and he had this whole soliloquy at the end that made me mad. not everyone can be mos def and act and rap. it was common in a movie as opposed to whoever his character was.
11. the ending/movie was thrown together and had too many unanswered questions. i would wake up in the middle of the night to ask Drew about the characters and their specific plot. i thought I missed something but nothing was there to be missing.

so yeah, this movie had hella people in it. reduce it by 50% and let quentin taratino direct it, i bet it would've been AWESOME!

that was viewing. as for listening, who here misses L. Boogie? well, the dude who developed her on the low has this chick named amy winehouse who when i heard, thought Lauryn had a new album coming out. british chick who sounds like lauryn HANDS DOWN!


jameil1922 said...

surprisingly, i actually like Taraji in almost everything she's in. and (covers eyes) i kind of like her name.. but i won't be naming any children that.

i HATE when there are too many damn unnecessary characters. that's why i couldn't stand anna karenina. the book has like 200 characters and i'm not really exaggerating. so pointless. damn russians.

i wasn't planning on seeing the movie anyway but now.. yeah no thanks! :)