Men at Work

I'm not sure if what the deal is... maybe cause i've been watching more t.v. than usual or maybe cause I have a BF... i've been paying a lot more attention to men's clothing.

nah. i've always paid attention to what a guy wears. the t.v. part comes in because its apparently when i see the most men. what are they wearing? PIN-STRIPES!

OMG, everybody who is a somebody is wearing pin-stripes. as with everything else men wear, do it with parent/girlfriend/female supervision. Watching MSNBC with Mom Dukes showed me that Olberman canNOT rock the pinstripes correctly. he reminded me of the black and white cartoon rivals from MAD... in the same person! His suit was gray, his stripes were black and too thick and they were too far apart. Wrong. Now Brian Williams, Colbert, and (what's the Irish guy's name? hannerty?) were rocking their DARK suit with a thin gray stripe VERY well.

I'm telling you, pin stripe is the CRAZE! I LOVE it! if its done well.

Another thing I've noticed about men who are somebodys is their tie.

1. the color that is in and looks good on all complexions is BRIGHT BLUE. OMG, love it with a pin-stripe suit and a stark white shirt. i've seen a pale blue and that looked good too.

2. the knot. don't want no obnoxiously fat knot but you look anal retentive when you knot is too tight/small. i forget the names of the various knots but no loose or tight booty ones

3. not a friend of patterns... damn sure hate those ones that remind me of holiday sweaters. what are they called, whimsical? save whimsy for a bedtime story. there is no reason your tie should light up, sing, move, or have attachments. so you like to bowl? don't want to know that on your tie. NO UGLY TIES!

My last point abt men at work is this:

DO NOT FOLLOW THE LEAD OF THE MEN ON ESPN!!!! ESPECIALLY NOT SAL PAOLANTONIO and Miami Boy MICHAEL ERVING!! OMG, i know the women on that channel don't dress them cause they could use some help too but DAMN!!! Don't they have wives, mistresses, girlfriends, sisters, cut buddies, etc. to say, "babe, that brown and gray pinstripe you wore with the blue and puprle plaid shirt wasn't getting it. especially when you threw in that velvet orange and red tie...that was polka dot."

okay so they aren't that bad but Michael did have a velvet suit on one day and Sal be rocking them doo-doo brown suits with some clashing colors all dee time! don't do it to yourself.

class dismissed.


jameil1922 said...

stace!!!! you know it is my dream to fix all them espn fool. they are a mess!!!! i get all extra foamy at the mouth when i watch. i'm walways like wth are you doing?!?! ugh. so sad. i don't want you to rely on the mistresses to get them right. you are a mess. tight booty? ew. thou shalt not call them that. i love pinstripes. was the "fat" stripe a chalk strip b/c i like it but not many can pull it off. you have to be very fashion savvy. hate hannity and colmes. i can't even watch that show to see what you're talking about b/c they always piss me off. i hate news opinion shows. olbermann, nancy grace, the aforementioned fox fools. i don't want to know what you think. i want the facts, then the ability to draw my own conclusions.