Hot & Cold

I just got done eating this salsa. For me, salsa isn't good unless my nose is running and my lips are tingling for a little while after. My sinuses aren't going? This isn't hot! My friends dragged me to Hooters homecoming weekend this year. They have like 6 levels of wing heat from mild to whatever. I think I only picked level 2. It may as well have been mild. So that told me if there are that many levels, the lowest 2 probably aren't hot enough.

My fellow record disher, Stace, is the complete opposite. My homie needs extra mild. EXTRA MILD!! What is that? Can you even consider that salsa? I loooove Mexican food and that means jalepenos and/or chipotles! YUMM!! I tried to find a post about how much I love Mexican food, but there are so many, just go to my main blog and read for days. Know this, I love Mexican food so much I think I should marry a Mexican, in Mexico on Cinco de Mayo and make his mother cook for the reception. Except you know how Latin cultures are. She'll love cooking. Yessss!!

Stace also likes lukewarm beverages. I like mine super cold. Like brain freeze cold. I can drink lukewarm water and that's about it. If you give me some ice cold water, a margarita and some good Mexican, we'll be allll good!!


Stacie von Kutieboots said...

LOLOL! Right?! monkey-ass Drew asked if I just want some diced tomatoes!!! shut-up and add some onion to it.

are you the one who adds ice to your milk? don't your teeth hurt?! lol

jameil1922 said...

i actually can't stand ice in my milk unless i'm drinking it fast enough that it doesn't water it down. but i do like super cold milk. mmmm... that's the BEST super cold drink. nope, no hurting teeth.