What I've Peeped

big watches for chicks are in. Like, men-sized faces on a female-sized wrist. gone are the days of dainty and feminine watches. here are the days of a big man face watch that has feminine attributes like pink mother of pearl dial or tiny pearls as hour markers. i so want and big watch and PLEASE...

not the gaudy and big ass jacob the jeweler watch. those are distastefully too big for ANYBODY'S wrist.


steve madden is making dresses.

who is excited? I AM!!!! I LOVE Steve Madden!!! All his shoes that i own are my favorites! and i have a LOT!! Dreezy, who doesn't "know ANYTHING about girl shoes" noticed my black and white boucle d'orsay peep-toe pumps (daaaaam! that was a lot of description for ONE pair of shoes!). he said, "those shoes look good. i never notice girl shoes cause they all look the same..."

GASP!!! they all look the same!??!?!

"...those must be your boy. you'd leave me for Steve Madden wouldn't you?"

"in a heartbeat! hold my steve madden purse while i try on these icy flip flops. thanks boo, i love u"



the joy said...

I'd leave kesi for Kenneth cole, or Kenny, as I call him.

I don't really do watches. I'm bad with wrists and hands.

jameil1922 said...

i love watches and want one of those. i almost bought a big jlo one w/bling all over it but kyle had just given me the bratch so i didn't. PLUS it said jlo in huge letters. like i want an advert for her co. on my wrist. no thx.

Vdizzle said...

So tell me, how does one become interested in shoes? It can't be because of the people you are around.
My mom and sisters are black Barbis, but I on the other hand, would rather buy some DVDs...online.
I mean I like cute clothes and cute shoes, but I'm not really sure what's considered cute...or how to match enough to make a cute outfit...and I'm too ADD to actually shop for more than 15 min...