Music Makes Me HIGH!!

So I was frequenting my FAVORITE DJ's site (www.djjamad.com) and decided to go to his myspace page to hear what's been up. I got an AUTOGRAPHED mixtape of his last cut, Afromentals 24: Identity for my b-day and I'm STILL rocking that joint! Yo, if you haven't peeped DJ Jamad, out of the ATL Shawty, you have no idea what you're missing!

So I'm on his page when I scrolled down to see who he has as friends. i literally say, "oh my gosh, who is this FINE specimen of a man?? DJ Rasta Root?? He needs to be my friend. I just want his face to be on my page." So i requested him as a friend and then I chill for a min to listen to his tracks.


Plain and simple. Okay, maybe not fire but defintely right up my alley which may not constiture FIRE to some but to me, its FIRE. He has the old school loops that Jamad won me over by but he's more like ATCQ. He has people flowing over the tracks where Jamad mixes old school with new school. So Rasta has former member of Slum Village, Baatin on a couple of tracks, these chicks named Slick and Rose (I think... out of the A) with Phife Dawg (my FAVE old school MC) of A Tribe Called Quest fame and some other things I'm not familar with but will DEFINATELY get to know in the near future. and I got an iPod shuffle??? its bout to be on!!

Amy Winehouse. I mentioned her in a previous post and I'll mention her again cause her US album came out yesterday for $7.99 at Best Buy. Try improting that ish from UK and be prepared to drop $30 ITS BOMB! SHE'S BOMB! Lauryn meets Motown in it's heyday, that's so the sound!! Check her out on myspace as well!


jameil1922 said...

you listen to stoner music. that's what that first dude is. i finally listened to amy winehouse a week ago. THAT SHIT IS FIYAH!! i wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilll be coppin it from best buy today! thanks for the tip homie! :)