Food Budget

It's no secret I love food. Who doesn't?!!? I actually read this insane article somewhere (I was so appalled I blocked out where I read this; plus I read a bit too much to remember the source of every bad quote, or even every good one.) that said there is a gym that only does strength training and doesn't believe in cardio. Fine. The reasoning for one person, "I believe cardio makes you hungry." (I feel like this was in the ATL JournalConstitution).


We're people... it's natural to get hungry. AND IT'S OKAY!!

Regardless, every once in a while I realize (again) the ridiculous amount of money I spend eating out and decide to bring it to a halt. This week, I said I wouldn't spend any money on food outside the house. I eat sooo much fast food and vending machine food and restaurant food that this exercise was SO HARD!! I ate breakfast at Panera Bread (delish artichoke and spinach souffle and water) on Sunday, and that was the last bit of eating out I did. Tonight I will break out the Tyler's Ultimate cookbook I've never used and go to work! Hopefully I'll have something good to report!