Best By Far

He is the "author of nu-classical British soul". Compared to the States' D'Angelo, this guy is awesome. I have the pleasure of having a homie who made a mixtape for me about two months ago. he put TWO of this guy's songs on there and I was enthralled. Not knowing who the person was, I asked if the track was some underground D and thus, Ed introduced me to Omar.

Right now, i'm listening to his 6th album, the Best By Far. Released in 2000 (a great year might I add), this joint is in HEAVY rotation!!! Going for an actual theme (movie soundtrack), the CD is cohesive and full of life. Now when I say 'movie soundtrack' that's exactly what i mean. One track sounds like a Rat Pack track from the 60s in Miami; very 'deco' and another sounds like a blaxploitation funky 70s track with Stuart Zender killing, KILLING the bass and cush! here are the songs and some brief liner notes

SIDEBAR: I am in love with S. Zender. he was the bassist on some early Jamiroquai LPs and when i read the liner notes of Best By Far, I bout died and went to heaven.

1. I Guess- trombone, trumpet, sax, rhodes, guitar, cush, keys, vocals, bass, violin and viola. this is just the instrumentation. the mixing, arranging, and engineering is great

2. Something Real- my FAVORITE track on this album, this is the blaxplo sounding one; real funky with bass, cush, keys, producing and programming done by my British Boo Stu. Mix engineer, Bob Power; a GREAT who's done maaahvelous things with ATCQ to name just one act.

3. Essensual- the 1960's deco sound, sounds like a sexy lounge act in Vegas but definately not cheesy. we have a flute and a trumpet on this track that sell that joint! its sampled from music from an actual motion picture (Built , 1968)

4. Be Thankful- you may have heard or seen this song on t.v. (VH1, VH1 Soul) the version i heard has E. Badu on it but on the LP, its Angie Stone (who he LOVES). you know the lyrics

Though you may not drive
a great big Cadillac
gangster white walls
tv antenna in the back

5. Best By Far- an instrumental with the title as the hook. more bob power power. good blasting music on a day home by yourself

6. To the Top- a love song with just as much instrumentation PLUS a cello. *lol*

7. & 8. Goodness & Prologue- more good music, drawing a blank on the sound right now cause honestly, i can't get the 2nd and 3rd tracks out my head!

9. Tell Me- another romantic song with splendiferous harmonies and fantabulous instrumentation

10. Syleste- another one of my favorites, this was the other song put on my mixtape. it really sounds like the theme track for a Bond movie! Burt Bacharach has something to do with it (omar sampled 'say a little prayer by burt for this). If you know Burt, you know that man is a GENIUS!

11., 12., 13. Come On, Emporium, & In the Morning- i honestly haven't gotten to b/c like i said, i'm so in love with the first half of the CD that i want to wear it out and have somthing to listen to next month! But, there's more!

14. Syleste (Lizzard Lounge Mix)- get it lounge music!! love it!!

15. Be Thankful (Solar Energy Remix)- done by Guru and still feat Angie Stone. Bomb ass remix

So while you're sitting here waiting for D'Angelo to
1. lose weight and be sexy again
2. make a new album
3. go on tour with questlove again

check out Omar. Shooot, even if you're not waiting check him out. I will be back with his most recent release, Sing (if you want it) . I got that from the homie too =)


The Very Reverend Ace Clemmons, Jr. said...

funny as i am reading this i'm listening to Voodoo cuz im working with an artist right now who want this vibe. Weird. D'angelo had the Miles Davis thing happening for a minute, and a minute only.

the joy said...

omar is the bomb. i just put "not a love song" on a mix for my homie. strange that he's been going for so long and is just now popular. ish.

Stacie von Kutieboots said...

ace- have you peeped omar?

joy- isn't he the bomb!? did you see him when he came to the A? it was like a month ago!!

the joy said...

a moth ago? no i didnt know! blast!

The Very Reverend Ace Clemmons, Jr. said...

no- but on your rec- i m gonna check him out...