Bruschetta Tilapia, Yellow Rice and Steamed Broccoli

Healthy, Delicious and Nutritious!

I'm working on getting fly and being healthy... but I love eating out. Plus, its hard for me not to eat out because I work such crazy hours and am usually starving when I leave work. Also once I get home, I get lazy if I don't go immediately to the kitchen. If I sit down to turn on the tv, or read a book, or check blogger and emails and myspace... see? I'll never eat.

Thursdays I go to dinner with my dad. Last Thursday we went to TGI Friday's. When you think of them, you think Jack Daniel's chicken and ribs and shrimp right? I know I do. I decided to try something different, though. Especially since I'd just joined the gym earlier that day. What's the point of working out if you're going to drown that work in a high fat, high calorie diet? None!

So I tried the bruschetta tilapia (flaky, white fish with diced plum tomatoes on top, basil, drizzled with olive oil), steamed broccoli and yellow rice. It was so yummy! And I had so much I ate it for the next two days. Still good two days later. Go Friday's!


Miss Ashli said...

Ooo I have a nice tilapia recipe. Kinda like chicken parm, but with tilapia, sounds similar to this recipe. Was the fish breaded

jameil1922 said...

nope. broiled i think. i don't think i like chicken parm... i used to... but i think i kind of hate it now. not sure why.