Kingdom Come

a question a blogger asked me

did you get that Kingdom Come yet? I got it.

my reply

i don't like Jay Z. i respect him as an artist SOMETIMES but really, he is not my cup of tea. first of all, he's big re-invented. before he was killed, biggie had plans for a black album. no promotion, nothing. just spitting on tracks and putting it out. of course nobody really knows that but lookie who has a black album... nas called it and i believe it.

i took it personally that he said he retired and therefore sold out of EVERYTHING b/c people thought he was really done when he really wasn't. to me, that's fraud! you know people get arrested for selling plywood at outrageous prices during hurricane season? what's the difference? if people think they are never going to hear from someone again, of course they'd cop what they can! on a lenny kravitz track, he was talking bout, "I'm not rapping, i'm just thinking out loud" boooooo. i don't want to hear your thoughts.

then his combined donation to katrina relief of $1 million dollars with puff.... the both of them could've done MUCH more than that. how much does 40/40 and rocawear bring in???

then as prez of def jam, he did nothing for the roots; all his efforts (i believe) went to his 'out of retirement' release. pass. you signed the roots for attention. okay, okay, "[you're] not a businessman; [you're] a business, man"... and did nothing for your act? i'm so good on you.

i can't support a person like him.

here's what my bestest has to say abt Jigga

new jay z is a rehash of EVERYTHING he's ever done, i'm tired of his bullshit and fake ass president of def jam, where he has done nothing except sign the roots and not promote their album, too busy planning his coming out of retirement party...i used to be a jigga fan, and still respect his talent as an mc, but shouldn't someone who CAN afford to reinvent themselves, do that, ESPECIALLY after a fake ass retirement?...then he goes to Africa and charges 200 dollars for gen admission and 800-1000 for VIP??? WHAT??...shouldn't he be doin these concerts for FREE? and then

my sentiments exactly.


the joy said...

i agree. but you'd think i said i was an atheist if i said i'm not feelin jay. he dropped for me after vol 2.

we drove by magic city last night and there's tons of black and white promo posters in a little knoll next door. it looked like a def jam graveyard.

jameil1922 said...

i'm taking the words out of ace's mouth. stanky! lolol. i don't mind him b/c i knew he wasn't retiring. if you watched interviews w/him before his "retirement," he would never say he would never do an album again, he said he was taking a break. i knew then it wouldn't be that long. come out w/something i like and i'll listen to it. i agree his katrina contribution was wack but there are others who did nothing. either way its not an excuse and also not what will make me decide whether or not to buy his album. i'll probably buy it on tuesday.

The Very Reverend Ace Clemmons, Jr. said...

OF COURSE Jamiel. I would only add that i think he's a complete tool.

But thats just me.

And there has always been something wrong with me.


Jarrod said...

In my eyes Jay-Z can do no wrong. With the exception of moving my home team the Nets. Maybe I have an East Coast bias. Also I got a recipe for ya'll, but I don't know who to send it to.