The Evolution of Robin Thicke

l is I know I'm late, but I was rebelling until the bloggers finally broke me down. I'm tired of you guys changing my mind all the time. Hmph! And the bf was kind of pissy that I took you guys' word even though he's been trying to convince me to give Robin Thicke a chance for a long time.

1) "Got 2 Be Down" f/Faith Evans. Their voices meld together well. Nice sexy beat makes you want to samba.

2) "Complicated" ehhhh... a little to pop-y for me. Sounds very All4One, Backstreet Boys-ish to me. Obviously a no for me.

3) "Would that Make U Love Me" another nice moderately slow beat that makes you want to do something sexy. Push your body up against someone else's and show out. A song of yearning "if i wasn't who i was/if i wasn't me/would u stand next to me in the street/if i changed my hair/would u then be proud." Its the song everyone has thought if not said aloud.

4) "Lost Without U" Mellow. Makes you think of walking on the beach hand in hand with someone you love. I know that's corny but that's what you can imagine as the video. A spanish dance would go well with this... maybe a slow salsa. There's a mandolin sound in the background. "baby you're the perfect shpae/baby you're the perfect weight/treat me like my birthday/i want it this way/i want it that way/i want it/tell me you don't want me to stop." Ohhh buddy! It's on!! Love this song.

5) "Ask Myself" nice but doesn't really stand out.

6) "All Night Long" f/Lil' Wayne. I must admit I was inclined to like this song just b/c of Weezy. I like his swagger. But the song jumps out of the speakers anyway. It's the sweetly hood love song.

7) "Everything I Can't Have" Cuban big band music is the first thing that comes to mind. I like this too. Mostly the words, but the begging, too. *wink*

8) "Teach You a Lesson" "u were late 2 school/i'm gonna have 2 see u after class/u've been a bad girl/someone's gonna have to teach u a lesson/u've been a baad girl/someone's gonna have to straighten u right out." I'm just gonna have to say it. It's not so much the words, but more they way it's said. There's really no other accurate term for this song than panty dropper. Ahem... moving on...

9) "I Need Love" I've heard this song before. It was called "Crazy Love." Not that great but not horrible.

10) "I Wanna Love You Girl" f/Pharrell. Wasn't this released? Don't really like it. Not that impressed w/Pharrell anymore.

11) "Can U Believe" sweet, ballad-y, with a gospel feel. I like it despite the Justin Timberlake-ish singing on this one.

12) "Shooter" f/Lil' Wayne. One of my fave songs on the cd. I know I'd heard it before b/c it was on one of Lil Wayne's cds and I loved it then, but the electric guitar in the background, and reggae-inspired beat is fi-yah!!!

13) "Cocaine" another mover. Not sure what he's talking about in this song because he's moaning in my ear and I can't concentrate plus I'm too busy moving. And for some reason, other than "Shooter," this is the only song the lyrics aren't included. I have to think cocaine is a metaphor for love. Some Maxwell-esque background vocals I enjoy.

14) "2 the Sky" Love this song. He lets his voice shine w/o the whiny boy band feel. This song is beautiful.

15) "Lonely World" the whispery sound is back but this is a song about longing and being who you are, fulfiling your dreams.

16) "Angels" wedding song. "you're the only one who knows what i go through/ sometimes u feel it more than me/and i don't know how i ever got by without u/there's nothing like the truth/when you've got nothing left to lose/and every night i thank the universe that i found u." You betta sang Robin Thicke! Lol.

Overall, I like the songs he gets gritty with it. His voice becomes unique when he plays on that. The soft thing has been done and will be done. Heard of Frankie J? Ew. Yeah... don't go that route. Thicke wrote or co-wrote every song except the Pharrell song. That is hot. I also love that I can dance and workout to so many of these songs. I'ma be in the gym gettin it! Hahahaha. When I heard this, I said, he had to have a million black influences. In the liner notes, he thanked for inspiration, Mariah Carey, Mary J, Busta Rhymes, Diddy, Jay-Z (LMAO at those 3) and several others but it was like AH-HA!

But his muse... is his wife, Paula Patton. You know her as the lead Sally B. Shelly in "Idlewild." She also posed for the cover art on his first cd. When I heard this cd, I knew he liked Black women. I could just feel it... and there's the line about "your brown skin." Mmm... hmm... get it Robin!


Stacie von Kutieboots said...

"your brown skin". OMG. so there.

i've been in love with him since he was just Thicke. before pharell found him and made "love you girl". must get the evolution!

X Factor said...

I must admit that I was hoping you would LOVE it like I do, but I'm satisfied. And as far as Weezy and his "swagger..." hmm. The latest about him really took him down a few on my totem pole.

jameil1922 said...

stace... mmmm hmmm. we know you're so there. and i kind of hate that pharrell song.

x... glad you're satisfied. lol. yeah the kiss pic was a lil much but i wasn't surprised. you don't remember when him and b.g. were on 106 & park years ago and MADE OUT on the couch? aj and free were like "oooooook!" yeah.... both of them were obviously drugged out as hell but they were like i mean that's my brother, that's my man. its no big deal. wtf? naw dog. i don't kiss my sister like that and certainly not my brother.

X Factor said...

Okayyyy... I can't even imagine (and I don't even have a sister!). Wow.

Miss Ashli said...

I hate you. I was gonna review this CD. Me and the BF love it. But you know I'd much rather write about food, than music so that's what took me so long. But good, one less thing to write.

Miss Ashli said...

How bout, "chocolate lover you're so sweet" track numero uno, him and faith

jameil1922 said...

yes! i finally heard it the other day and i was like THAT'S what it is.