how i became a foodie...

i've always loved food. who doesn't? thanksgiving, 4th of july, labor day. these are holidays entrenched in food and therefore my favorites. but most importantly, the true shift in my behavior to becoming a foodie was one fateful day at 10b when ashli was watching "30 minute meals."

it was a great day. my senior year at hampton. i had no idea what this was. had never watched food network. had never (gasp) heard of rachael ray. i walked in and sat down. it was fabulous. i was intrigued and had to watch and watch and watch. then i asked around. others knew of this kitchen goddess. i also hung around the kitchen while ashli worked her magic for anyone who came to the house. i learned some things.

kept watching "30 minute meals," trying new things, both in cooking and at restaurants and low and behold, i became a foodie. now i'm a regular food network stalker. stace and i take the time to watch the shows together like a phone family. its lovely. here's to my fellow foodies, stace and ash! cheers!