2011, Recipe 104: Sky High Cranberry Apple Pie

Recipe courtesy of Martha Stewart

Aerial pie view

This recipe came from the November 2011 issue of Martha Stewart Living (and isn't online yet).  It's an apple pie that calls for FIVE POUNDS of apples.  Whoa.  I used four pounds and I really can't see how an additional pound would make my pie as high as hers.  Her pie was crazy.  I made her basic pie crustIt wasn't my first crust but it was my first in a food processor and that makes the process (tee hee) even easier!  I loved it!  I was told this was the best crust one of my people had ever tasted.  I like sweeter crusts so I'd probably add more than a tablespoon of sugar.

Side pie view
My biggest issue with this pie is it takes almost three and a half hours what with resting the crust twice, the pie once and cooking the pie for over an hour and a half.  It's ridiculous and smells torturously delicious.  But the combo of cranberries and apples in a pie was a hit at the October party!  Plus it's beautiful!  I was supposed to use sanding sugar but I used turbinado which created the black speckles.