Euro Fare

I've been meaning to do a post after my dining experiences; I think I started one during NYC Restaurant Week but whatever, I'm here now.

What spurned this is the spot I went to last night.

backstory, I was starving and everybody at school knows I need to eat or everyone dies. I mentioned Sushe Samba in Man but one person knocked it down saying a friday night in USQ was asking to be waiting for at least an hour. Good point.

Next thing to know:
The people I went out with are beer drinkers. Like, one girl dates an actual brewer and Lish is from Iowa where there's nothing better to do than drink beer. The other two were just your average WGs and which WG doesn't like beer?

So since Man was shot down, let's find a place in BK that serves alcohol and food. They bring up this bier garten.

I got a brat that was the size of my palm on a toasted roll and a paper cup full of spicy mustard. Everyone else was excited about their saurkraut and pretzels but I was not amused. It just confirmed for me that Euro food doesn't excite me. There is nothing about german food I'm attracted to, nothing about all the pork polish people eat that's appetizing, nothing in Amsterdam, Rotterdam or The Hague that I want to try.

I remember one weekend in Hollywood, I was watching the episode of No Reserv.ations when Ant was in Ireland. That was the only episode I watched and felt none desire to pull out my AmEx and passport. Nothing stirring about the pubs and nothing moving about the food.

As a matter of fact, watching Jacques Pepin has me a bit worried about French food. During RW, I was looking into French cuisine but the online menus did nothing for me. I want to look at a restaurant's menu and go, "Ooh! I want to try that!" Or have a serious internal battle over which dish to try and make a mental note to come back and get what I didn't decide on that night. Yeah, none of the above for the German spot or any of the french rests.

All I know is that we should've gone to get sushi.