Grilled Cheese Chef

You should be ashamed to come on Food Network and call yourself that. So you went to culinary school and perfected the grilled cheese? The best ways to slice the cheese and the bread? Any julienning involved? Get out of here. This dude is like the cheese can't be to thin. Thick enough and its just right. Just about any bread works. We like to switch it up with provolone cheese. The best side dish is tomato soup...

I hate that you have made money off of crap I wouldn't even eat as a child. I hated grilled cheese unless it had ham on it (it is nearly impossible to get me to eat a meatless meal and a sandwich? as a child, then answer would have been hell no. no wish sandwiches, sugar sandwiches or mayonnaise sandwiches for me. you may have been cut for even suggesting it.) and tomato soup is disgusting.

I'm JUST starting to eat tomatoes and they have to be firm and ripe. If they are soggy, prepare to incur my wrath. I don't want your leftover, throwaway tomatoes. I've always loved ketchup and Italian food (spaghetti must have meat sauce of course) but I really cannot see myself ever eating the pureed tomato crap that is soup. EW!

If you're gonna call yourself a chef, at least be a real sandwich chef. Seriously. I'm a sandwich connoisseur (stop hatin, that page made me drool) and I know a good one when I see one. Cheese (no matter what kind) and bread ain't it.


Miss Ashli said...

ooo I like grilled chesse. I never liked the kind they gave you at school with that nasty tomato soup. And you can only have a real grilled cheese sangwich (no typo there) with American cheese. I know you hate that fake cheese, but it is oh so good melted. I had one the other day, i spiced it up with a little mixed berry jam, fix your face, that shit is good.

and i dont eat tomatoes unless they came from a can. for whatever reason i can't get with fresh ones, they have to be stewed, degunked and marinating in a metal can for months before i can eat them.

jameil1922 said...

i. hate. grilled. cheese. and even more those kraft singles... UGH!!! freakin disgusting. i don't eat plastic cheese. and your sandwich scuse me sanGwich w/jam sounds extra gross.

lmao @ marinating in a metal can for months! hilarious. i kind of love canned tomatoes. there's no pretext of making me eat tomato slices as is popular in the south. ew.

Stacie von Kutieboots said...

i don't understand tomato soup.
its ketchup with a runnier consistency. not for the kid. and who decided to put the two together? i like me a grilled cheese sandwich with whatever cheese but damn sure not as a meal!

canned tomatoes guys? y'all are toooo funny!

Stacie von Kutieboots said...

P.S grilled cheese and jam? GROSS