Luda, Sit Down

Know what? I hate that he wants to bitch and moan about Oprah. I really do. Don't try to be hard and then get mad because you say she doesn't care about hip hop. But why should she though? She's a 55-year-old BILLIONAIRE. Hip hop is not her core audience. You don't watch her show, do you? Would you even know if she had hip hop people on there? And Oprah will call you out WHICH YOU ALREADY KNOW so I really doubt you want to appear on there. Her white audience will be stomping and cheering and you'll really get pissed.

Remember when she said you should stop calling women bitches and hoes and you said women should stop calling each other bitches and hoes. True indeed. But that DOES NOT give you license to further perpetuate it and go all out to call women bitches and hoes and talk about all the area codes your hoes are in and how you have the red light district and on and on and on you go about your hoes. Why don't you actually give uplifting a shot.

Oh, "Runaway Love"? Yeah that's alright but it rings kind of hollow when your preceeding single was "Shake Your Moneymaker" complete with half-naked girls, snakes and piles of money they're rolling around in. Yeah.. real uplifting.

So I'm sure you heard about his Grammy appearance. He called out OPRAH AND BILL O'REILLY IN THE SAME SENTENCE. You should be shot. Let's not talk about how much Oprah has done for the black community. Maybe you do stuff Luda, but she has mobilized MILLIONS to not only commend her for what she's done but to MOVE. Stop smellin yourself and recognize. Fool. Clay Cane thinks you're stupid, too.


Rell said...

For one, I was very disappointed that he won the grammy to begin with. Nothing against Luda, but Lupe, T.I. and the Roots had better albums than him.

Furthermore, while I'm not the biggest Oprah fan -- what she has done for the black community cannot be disputed.

It would've been cool if he just shouted out B.O.R.

JoJo D. said...

I don't know why Black people are so quick to jump on the Oprah wagon. Sure, she's done a little "something" for the negro community, but when is the negro community gonna start doing it for themselves? Oprah doesn't owe nobody or no particular community anything; at least that's what I think.

me said...

jojo... it ain't like oprah is the black savior. i mean, who is? the point is luda needs to shut up w/all that whinin.

the joy said...

Well we all know I love luda with an unbridled passion, but you're right. But what can you do when a person wrongs you specifically? She did throw shade when he was on the show. It wasn't even about hip hop, and I think that's what made him mad. He wasn't there about rap but she still hated.

jameil1922 said...

so he's gonna bitch and moan about it for the rest of his life? you do not have large enough pockets to fight with oprah. it may have been off topic, but that's what you get when you go on oprah. she talks about what she wants to talk about. you want to talk about something else? host your own show. go back on the radio. no i don't like all her topics. the iyanla vanzant and dr. phil were always hated and know her kick is how not to look old. bores me. but its her show. she does what she wants.

Stacie von Kutieboots said...

grown ass men whining has never done it for me. ever since i went to club 112 and saw how he acted, i've been str-8 on him. i thought he was a brat/bitch then and he confirmed it for me on the Grammy's.