No Wonder I Love It!!

Rachael Ray is the most fabulous person in the world!! Did you know oregano means joy of the mountain? She just told me that. NO WONDER I LOVE IT SO MUCH!! It is seriously my favorite spice. I put some fries in the oven and went to put salt, pepper and oregano on them and though I just re-arranged my spices (yes, there are that many) after cooking late Saturday night, I COULDN'T FIND IT.

I won't lie.

I panicked.

What?! It was scary! That is seriously my favorite spice and I will put it in every single dish. Even eggs. You know how some people are about hot sauce and ranch dressing? Ketchup and oregano. But oregano goes really well with ranch dressing, too... omg... I just had an epiphany. Ranch dressing, hot sauce, s&p, oregano on fries... there are no words. I'm tempted to go through the 25 minute fry cooking process again just to experience that. That's what the weekend's for, folks. Big plans. LMAO! Why do managers use the word "folks" so much? It's so disingenuous. I've gotten used to team but folks? Especially in the north. Stop it.

Back to business. So after frantic moving around of spices, Worcestershire sauce and Pam, I found the oregano tucked in the back. PHEW!!! Praise God for that one! No really. After chastising it for being so far back, I caressed the bottle a bit and sprinkled liberally on my fries. And just now upon hearing what oregano means, I know it is kismet that I love it. Loosely translated, my name means "beautiful light from the mountain." *throws down mic*


TrinaBeingTrina said...

You got some issues! haha. I can get quite passionate about food so I understand. But I think my favorite spice mught be pepper.

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

back away from the oregano...got you caressing it and cooing at it...LOL!!

jameil1922 said...

trina... lol. i just love it! pepper huh? i can actually live w/o pepper. i like it but it can't hold a candle to oregano.

pcd... i won't!! YOU CAN'T MAKE ME!!

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