Not Picky, Aware of My Tastes

I have very specific likes and dislikes when it comes to food. I'm very open to trying (most) new things (I am not a fan of most Asian cuisines). A sample.

Tomatoes: only perfectly ripe. over or under and I won't eat it. And it must be on or in something. You will not see me eating tomato slices. And tomato soup? Disgusting.
Onions: Only cooked.
Nuts: yes, but not in or on my food.
Carrots: only raw, never cooked.
Broccoli: only cooked, never raw.
Apples: As long as they're not Granny Smith. Apples should be sweet. My fave are pink lady.
Peanut butter: yes but not as an ingredient in food and not with jelly.
Cheese: Love it! But only real ones, no Kraft singles or Velveeta for me.
Lettuce: as long as it's not iceberg.
Spinach: yes but I prefer baby spinach.
Turnips, beets, radishes, liver: No in any form.

That is a very, very short list.


Adei von K said...

i'm telling mamacita you don't like peanut-butter soup.

Jameil said...

lol. she already said if you can taste the pb, it's not good soup! she didn't have to tell me there was pb in it b/c i was thinking um no. hush up that noise, girl!