It's Haute


Yes, the bakery concoction is what I'm talking about.

They are what's HAUTE.

Everywhere in Aventura, little kiosks of cupcakes are everywhere.

French Vanilla, Red Velvet, Death By Chocolate...

and don't start on the icings

well, I won't cause I don't like icing.

But yeah, get on that. No one is buying cakes, pies, or slices anymore. Its all about the mini cake.


Jameil said...

ok adei, i have to disagree with you and say this is behind the trend. there were 2 cupcake shops in pittsburgh at least 2 years ago when everyone was just starting to pop out w/them.

Adei von K said...

well, i see them everywhere NOW.

I'm so glad Pittsburgh was on the up and up for once in its life.