Spring and Summer Forecast

I feel it coming and it's going to explode. Well, maybe not EXPLODE, but if you're smart and fashion forward, you'll hop on this.


But not just any floral. Floral with a stark white background. Like the dress in the middle which is actually not a good representation. I'm not sure about the gauzy-ness which you'd think would go with spring.  Naw, the fabric I see is a much more study cotton, and the style is a more traditional A-line. Something a woman in the 50's would wear.

Oooh, look at this link I found!!  It's a perfect picture of the look!  Spring floral

The next thing I'm going to say is a delicate one.  Like polka dots and stripes together, only the savviest of the savvy should attempt it.  Some will try, most will fail and be talked about.

I've seen it too many times EVERYWHERE for it to not be the hot thing for the season.  I'm trying really hard to conjure up how to be fly in it... Maybe a tank-top with minimal colors??  I can't get with the rainbow brite look... 

IDK, I'll make it a project with my class and we'll see how it looks!

Happy Shopping


Wow.  I went to this jean site and look what showed up for women. I knew I was onto something...  it's still ugly.  Maybe the rainbow would be a better look IF you dare to try.


Jameil said...

i'm thinking blue and white tie dye will be gorg. i have the dress in my head. it's like the floral one but blue and white.