Dirty Restaurants

I have an obsession that I'm more than okay with.  It's an obsession with the health inspection scores of restaurants that serve me food.  Everywhere I go I scour the windows and entryways to make sure they have the score posted.  This comes after years of a segment on the NBC affiliate in Charlotte (where I grew up) called "Eat, Drink and Be Wary."  Apparently health inspectors won't eat anywhere that scores below a 96 (out of 101).  I sometimes allow 94 but below that and I can't.  WHY WOULD I DO THAT TO MYSELF??  These places have stuff you can't see because it's in the kitchen-- like dirty ice, cleaning solutions stored above food, RAT FECES.  YUCK.  This week's low scorer had FLIES in the ice.  FLIES.  Yuck.  Tell me this report doesn't make you want to check every window door or website.  I hate the states like VIRGINIA and FLORIDA that don't require posting.  You can find it on the health inspector's website in your state or county.  Check your favorites.  I DO.


Adei von K said...

wooooow. flies in the ice is beyond disgusting.

Tanyetta said...

I found a good tip. Go to the restroom, peek into the kitchen if possible and if either of these places are NASTY! RUN!!!!

Jameil said...

adei... SERIOUSLY.

t... i just heard that one recently, too!