Restaurant Review: Humperdink's

We know I don't eat beef, but when in Rome...

Walking distance from my hotel is a sports bar named Humperdink's. The patio is lined with Dallas Cowboy pennants so you already know I was feeling the place. I apparently walked in the back entrance, the restaurant and cafeteria (?) part. I walked thru and saw the bar...

1. It's Arlington's Tallest Bar. The ceiling went on forever. I think there's a loft where they brand Philly fans with lone stars...


3. If I was in a drinking mood, I would've been in heaven. The extensive bar was not only tall but wide. It.went.on.forever.

When I stopped gaping, the bartender asked what I wanted. I asked what does he recommend and that's where we start.

Extreme Dallas Burger

That thing was HUGE. I really think it was a pound of Texas beef that shrunk ever so slightly to 3/4 pound of medium well goodness. Kaiser bun, mayo, cheddar cheese slices, lettuce, bacon, and sauteed mushrooms.

I know you're reading and thinking, "Nothing special" but I had the bartender use Kobe beef accredited by the KBA on my joint.


Aside from Stamps in Mississippi, I've never had a burger so good. Only ONNNNNE thing would've made it better: BBQ sauce.

Also, my only qualm was the size. It was ignorant big. After taking a careful look at the menu, I should've ordered the Dallas Burger, not the much bigger extreme version. But the oz sizes weren't listed so I didn't know any better.

I plan on going back to order the rio grande burger with guac, pico de gallo, and pepperjack!

Atmosphere: A+ (It gets the plus for the Cowboy 'nalia)
Menu: B (way too much going on. no sizes or descriptions)
Food: A+ (best burger this side of the Mississippi!)
Portions: A (There is such thing as too much)