Week 21, Recipe 5: Peach Cardinal

Recipe from Tyler's Ultimate Cookbook

This looked so beautiful and simple in the book... but can someone please tell me how you get beautiful peach halves?  I know I had nectarines but still.  Maybe they weren't ripe enough.  This dish was way more tart than I like.  It was edible but I didn't really enjoy it. 

And look how not delicious it looks...  Yes, you're supposed to strain it but I WANTED big chunks of raspberries.  It's more about how terrible the peach looks... I was hoping this would be a recipe I could pull out semi-impressively for other people but w/o serious tweaks.. I won't.


Brian in CA said...

I made this yesterday and it turned out delicious, and looked just like it did in Tyler's cookbook. The hot water was key to getting the skins to tear off smoothly. After slicing around the pit, I used the knife to gently pry the two halves apart, rather than twisting them. This kept them reasonably intact. Chilling the raspberry sauce in the freezer helped to thicken it, and the contrast of cold and hot (toasted brioche slices) really worked well together. I also added a scoop of vanilla ice cream to each serving. Overall it was a fantastic desert, and I received rave reviews from my girlfriend! I'd suggest you try it again, using peaches and following these tips.

Jameil said...

Cool! Thanks a bunch for the tips! No one else has been able to answer my questions!