Fashionista Teacher Pt. I

So today is the first day I'll post my outfits as a teacher.  As a graduate assistant, I probably slacked off in my outfits a bit more than I should have.  But now that I'm THE teacher on the collegiate level, as some people like to say over and over again in shock that I have the position (LOL!!), I want to always look professional.  No jeans.  This meant I had to go shopping :( because I don't have enough clothing to last that long.  LOL @ the frowny face.  We all know that was really :) because who doesn't love a shopping spree??  Even better when it's someone else's money but whatever!  So here are the outfits for this week of school.  I even pulled out my fashion blog poses!  Excuse the lighting in the second set.  It was the end of the day. 

The first is my Tuesday outfit.  Look at that baby face.  See why I have to dress like an adult?  The first day, I blended right in with the students and got to hear one of them talking trash about trying to get into my class.  That was pretty hilarious.

Jacket: The Limited
Dress with belt: Ann Taylor Outlet (on sale for 1/3 of original price!)
Shoes: Nine West Outlet

I was so excited when I put on this outfit!  I felt teacher-y but still cute.  I do have to remind myself daily not to wear my magenta pumps all the time.  So far, I've only repeated one pair of shoes but I have too many open-toed shoes (that I'll mostly refrain from wearing) to continue that for long!

Lol.  After seeing this pics, I totally thought, geez, you should NOT have stopped watching America's Next Top Model!  And/or it's time to start watching again!  Such a hot mess.  Lol.  I was just doing what the fashion bloggers do.  Methinks I will henceforth just be myself.  You know... so as not to look so awkward... LOLOL!! 

I love this outfit!  I was so excited when I put it on!

Jacket: Banana Republic
Shirt: Martin + Osa (RIP)
Pants: Martin + Osa (Miss you... XOXO)
Shoes: Nine West Outlet
Necklace: Don't remember, bought it at least 4 years ago & wore it once!
Ring: Forever 21 (the stone fell out and I still like it!)


K. Rock said...

I love it!! Both outfits are really nice looking. You look professional and still casual. Great job!

GorgeousPuddin said...

Both fits are cute, but I really love the first outfit. You looked the part for really!

My old deacon would say gimme those cheeks and pinch! LOL!

DaniColoredGlasses said...

You look great! Professional but relevant. I hate when people opt for the former more than the latter.

Good luck!!!!!

Nerd Girl said...

Cute on both counts! LOL @ your fashion blogger poses!

Mrs Count said...

Those are cute outfits! What a fly teacher~

Jameil said...

Thanks ladies!