Fashionista Teacher Pt. III

Necklace: Target
Jacket: Express
Sweater tank: Caché
Slacks: Express
Shoes: Nine West

This is my favorite outfit so far!  I love it!!!  I was shocked to find some non-cougar clothing at Caché but this was also a few years back before they made the full transition.  It was a dig but you could find some good things on sale.  Now that store is straight animal prints.  So garish.  I realized I need to do more close-ups of items when being photographed so expect those in the future!


K. Rock said...

Cute. I like the color of the sweater. And yeah I heard you...sweater tank. That just sound wrong. I see why you wanted to rock that wool halter top.

GorgeousPuddin said...

Me likey!!! I'm feeling the yellow. Sweater tanks also look the hotness over a crisp white collared blouse/shirt.

Jameil said...

k... lolololol!!!! I mean... i like a good sweater thing for that spring/fall transition time. Duh!

gp... thanks! you get me!