Thanksgiving Menu 2011

It's that time again!  As a confident cook, this is one of my favorite times of year!  I get to try at least 5 of the recipes I've been hoarding for the rest of the year!  Who am I kidding?  At least 7.  Last year (that list didn't include the shrimp bisque I ended up making) I made one of the best turkeys I've EVER had.  And I don't even like turkey!  This year we'll be at my mother-in-law's house so I won't need to do the meat.  They have some favorites and I have free reign to make whatever I want.

Rashan & I had fried oysters our first Thanksgiving together at his mom's house & now we require them at all holiday gatherings!!!
Turkey, ham, fried oysters

Soup & Appetizers
My family didn't eat soup for holiday meals traditionally but with in subscribing to food magazines for years, I now consider them a staple!  For meals at my mother-in-law's, Tyler's ultimate french onion soup is required! 

French onion soup, chicken liver paté (me/Tyler Florence), marinated chickpeas (me/Tyler Florence), olives with rosemary & orange (me/Tyler Florence)

The most important thing about Thanksgiving?? Maybe... Meat is required, but Thanksgiving would be worthless without a plethora of sides.  I knew I wanted to try a dressing even though they use stuffing.  My sister-in-law makes a fabulous mac & cheese so she'll be doing that.  And grandma's mac & cheese is a staple at their holiday suppers.  Without it, there would be mass revolt!
Stuffing, sausage brioche dressing (me), french-style green beans, squash casserole (sis-in-law), cranberry sauce, goose fat smashed potatoes (me/Rachael Ray), mac & cheese (grandma), sweet potatoes (mom-in-law)


I'm not a bread person unless it's in dressing or laden with butter (brioche or croissants)... I doubt I'll even touch these.  No one requested cornbread.
Crescent rolls

I'm making a tart mostly because I've had a tart pan for almost a year and never used it!  I'm also considering a pumpkin custard and a chocolate mousse since they love all things chocolate!
Triple the Ginger snaps (me), streusel pear tart (me), sweet potato pie (sister-in-law)


ShaBoogiesince1982 said...

That line up sounds delish! I haven't narrowed down my sides yet beyond absolutely having mac & cheese and stuffing.. but you definitely inspired me!

Jameil said...

Get on it! I have things I require yearly i.e. oysters, dressing, some sort of green vegetable, sweet potato pie but my favorite thing is definitely the huge amount of food! My mom thinks it's ridiculous & I think it's a requirement!

Not So Anonymous said...

oooh...I may have to try my hand at the pumpkin custard. I thought about a soup, but no one wanted one :( My list is very traditional...my loves don't want to try anything new on their holidays, but other days they are adventurous...booo

Jameil said...

I'm all about the custard, too! I need to quit fighting it b/c I really want it! Soup is the bomb to start a meal! They may not think want it but when it's good... they really do. LOL As long as they have some traditional, they have no problem trying new stuff. Yay!

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Nice list! Y'all and those oysters! SMH! It's cool that you have an adventurous group of folks. It's still pretty traditional around these parts.

Jameil said...

Oysters are traditional with us.