Turkey Bacon

It's so unfulfilling there really is no point. It's also ugly and doesn't lose that hideous shape. Neither does it get crispy enough. I can get with turkey burgers. Those joints are bangin. If made properly they taste just as good as beef if not better. Turkey sausage is very ehhh. I actually had some delicious vegetarian sausage when I went to south Florida. Turkey bacon? No and absolutely not.


The Humanity Critic said...

I'm not a fan of turkey bacon either.

James Tubman said...

you have to get a good crispy kind of turkey bacon

i like my bacon crispy

my ex was a muslim so we couldn't eat regular bacon (i'm so glad i'm not with her lol)

i loooooove turkey burgers

they are alot easier to get down then beef ones

jameil1922 said...

hc... yeah gross!!

tub... clearly you need to get up off what the good kind is b/c i need to know!! lol. glad you got away from that! turkey burgers are the bomb, tho. i'm sure i have a fab recipe on here somewhere!